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So who am I and what's this all about?

My name is John Alex Clark from Ireland. I am the founder and CEO of and person who has researched and writen the 700+ articles on this site.

Firstly let me point out that i'm not a web designer or a coder. And as i've created this website from scratch without the help of a web designer, please excuse me if it's not that fancy smiley

If you're looking for a pretty website with lots of fancy graphics - then this website is NOT for you. If on the other hand you want a place where you can get psychology secrets (unknown to the general public) to get RESULTS in your life - then you're at the right place.

Unique Skill-Set Across A Range Of Fields

This website isn't the work of a "guru" or "agony aunt or uncle" etc. I am a relationship & life coach, qualified in both science and psychology. I am also an entrepreneur and an author. 

These main five components of:

  • Relationship Coaching
  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming
  • Science
  • Psychology
  • And perhaps most importantly - Innovation

...have created a unique skill-set which I have concentrated mainly in the field of relationships, dating and breakups.

As time went by people began asking me what I was teaching as the results my clients were getting were beyond par with what other professionals were achieving. I didn't let anyone know at the time, but this was mainly due to what i'd been teaching on the practically unknown field of LOVEMAPS.

What is a Lovemap?

The term "Lovemap" to used to describe a little known group of messages encoded in the brain that each of us possess. This group of messages, or "Lovemap", is the secret key that makes a person fall in love.

Everyones Lovemap is unique to every individual on the planet. This is why we all fall in love with different people. Some elements of our Lovemap reside on our conscious mind ...while other elements reside on our subconscious mind.

However almost no one outside the psychology community knows what a Lovemap is or how it works. However, that is starting to change.

Breaking New Ground...

Through my research, I have not only become proficient in this particular field of study, but I have also GONE ONE STEP FURTHER. You see, I knew this field held ALOT more potential...

I began research into how to REVERSE ENGINEER a persons Lovemap so that we not only know how a specific persons Lovemap has been created (and what the components of it are), but how to use this information to actually make the person fall in love with you ...and not leave them with the slightest clue as to why they have started to fall for you!

And all of this can be done so easily with a person you like, once you have the correct information.

Tell me more...

To date, I have only shared these secrets a couple of times over the last few years. However, recently I have now decided to make this information available through 2 programs people like you can benefit from it.

These have been the culmination of years of intense study, research and analysis into the psychology of Lovemaps. In my ebooks:

"THE LOVEMAP CODE: How To Make Someone Fall In Love With You Using Psychology"


"THE ERASE CODE: How To Get Over Anyone In Less Than A Week Using Psychology"

I reveal information that will literally change everything you ever thought you knew about relationships and dating ...allowing you to get results you never thought possible. I reveal the most powerful techniques and strategies on how to use Lovemaps to handle both of the above situations.

Why are you releasing this information?

You see, I had to take a stand on something...

It's something that had been bothering me for a long time...

Put simply, I found that the websites and relationship programs out there on the internet on the area of relationships were mostly of such poor quality that something needed to be done. Most of what's out there is the work of Internet Marketers looking for a way to make money out of peoples misfortunes when it comes to relationships.

Not so with my programs. I have picked through the best psychology to use in a number of different situations in your relationship and also revealed psychology you simply won't find anywhere else.

Anything else?...

I love hearing from the public. If you'd like to contact me with suggestions for this site and how I can make it better or easier for people to use (or anything else) - I would be grateful. Thanks and good luck! smiley

Yours Appreciatively,

John Alex Clark - Relationship & Life Coach

P.S. My favorite quotes:

  • Behind every successful man there’s a lot of unsuccessful years - Bob Brown
  • Done is better than perfect - Sheryl Sandberg
  • Sometimes against our will life gives us two options: losing yourself or losing someone else. Regardless of the situation, don’t lose yourself. - Tre Holloway
  • One of the scariest things in the world, is that other people can make life-changing decisions for you. - Karishma Magvani
  • Sometimes we need to be destroyed by a situation, before we understand how bad it was for us. - Karon Waddell
  • Sometimes a moment cant be explained with words. - John Alex Clark
  • The best presents can't be be put in a box or wrapped up. - John Alex Clark
  • Dont let the perfect be the enemy of the good - Voltaire

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