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What classifies a woman as an abusive woman?

Men have always been stereotyped as the ones causing domestic problems in the form of abuse at home but what people fail to recognize is that women can also be abusive.

A woman who behaves this way uses her moods and rage to seek other people’s attention and control them. And she often hides her true self by presenting a different character in public to conceal her immodest behavior.

3 Signs Of An Abusive Woman

Because abusive woman (like abusive men) will often try and mask their abuse as other things and try and hide it from the true definition of what it really is, I’ve given 3 guidelines here that you can use in seeing your girlfriend or wife's behavior for what it really is – abuse. Does she:

  1. Falsely accuse you of infidelity: It is one thing for a woman to get a little jealous sometimes and try to get her partner’s attention. It can actually make a man feel important and needed. However, overdoing it in such a way that she falsely accuses you of infidelity is simply outrageous and unacceptable. It may be that she is only trying to put the blame on you when all the while she is the one who is having an affair.

  2. Addresses you using offensive language in front of others: Respect is an important key in keeping relationships going. When your partner loses respect in you and becomes vulgar with her language (even in the presence of others) – it’s a sure sign of an abusive woman. Verbal abuse hurts as much as being physically battered.

  3. Fakes or inflicts injury on herself: This could be potentially serious for you. While she could do this just to get attention from you, she could also use this to frame you and accuse you falsely of physical abuse. Others will take pity on her and lay blame on you.

Of course these are not the only signs of abuse as abuse comes in many different forms (most are often covert) however they will give you an idea of the kind of behavior that is and is not acceptable in relationships.

If you’ve been in the relationship for an extended period of time, such forms of behavior may have become second nature to you and you’ve accepted them. However they still constitute abuse and can never be considered acceptable forms of behavior.

What To Do

If you have any inkling that your wife or partner is abusive, and you’ve exhausted all possible avenues for help (including counseling for both you and her), end the relationship promptly. Abusive relationships that are this far gone only get worse with time – not better. 

If you have been cohabiting, consider getting a restraining order and changing the keys to your house. If she is your wife, you’ll need to consider leaving soon in order to meet the separation requirement needed to file for a divorce.

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