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12 Signs Your Relationship Is An Emotionally Abusive One

Emotionally abusive relationships are not easy to detect because abusers hide their cruelty through their charm and generosity. They sometimes even make it appear like they are the ones being abused.

While it can be difficult to tell whether a person is an emotional abuser or not, you can always look out for signs that you are in an unhealthy relationship. If you feel that something's not right, ask yourself these questions:

  1. Does your partner act like he is your master?

  2. Does he make all the decisions, determine what is right and wrong and never consult you?

  3. Does he make up all the rules and punish you when you don't abide by them?

  4. Does he ignore your efforts of making him happy but blames you and gets mad at you for making him upset?

  5. Does he make you feel that he is always right and you are always wrong and puts you at fault for all the bad things that are happening?

  6. Whenever you try to tell him how you feel about things, does he ignore you and change the topic?

  7. Does he stop you from meeting up with your friends or family?

  8. Does he stop you from spending your money on things you like and instead insists you buy things that he wants?

  9. Does he buy things and obligate you to pay for them, as well as his debts?

  10. Was there ever a time when you had sex with your partner just to avoid arguments?

  11. Has he ever called you stupid or said something rude to you in public?

  12. Does he always lie to you and break your trust?

If you answered yes to just five of these questions, you must recognize that you are indeed in an emotionally abusive relationship and both you and your partner need to get help.

But I know he wont want to get help!

If he refuses treatment and does not want to change his ways, it's time for you to pack your things and leave. Do not continue communicating with him because he might lure you into getting back with him, inflicting more pain and damage on your part.

I know that you've been through a tough time. You can try to have some counseling or join support groups to help you move on and regain your self-esteem.

It's not easy to admit that someone you love is abusing you. But you have to remember that an abuse will always be an abuse and there is no valid reason for it. Do not allow yourself to be a victim.

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