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How To Recognize The Signs Of Emotional Abuse In Physical Behaviors

Emotional abusers are usually master manipulators. They are capable of deceiving your friends, your family, and even yourself. Emotionally abusive relationships can be very detrimental since there is no “concrete” evidence that can be seen.

In this article I’d like to cover some of the ways that emotional abuse is manifested in physical behaviors so that you can see if your relationship has crossed the line from normal into emotionally abusive.

Do these sound familiar?

The following are signs that a person is emotionally abusing his/her partner:

  • Damaging or destroying their partner’s household property or belongings

  • Attempting to hurt or kill you or your children

  • Trying to commit suicide and blaming you for it

  • Driving recklessly when you’re in the car with them

  • Forcing you to have sex against your will

  • Kicking walls, slamming doors, and other intimidating actions

  • Making a fist or other threatening gestures

It is important to note that over time, emotional abuse may also lead to physical abuse. So the damage to the person is more devastating. While physical abuse is commonly regarded as more serious and needs prompt attention, studies reveal that the damage done by emotional abuse is often more difficult to treat and can be long term.

Get Professional Help If Possible

Breaking the pattern of emotional abuse entails both partners being aware of why it’s happening. Counseling may be the best way to find out why. The abuser of course may not be willing to examine themselves in this way but if they are, it’s a route worth taking.

Victims need to examine themselves and understand why they stay in the relationship. The abusers, on the other hand, need to know the underlying cause of their behavior and how to deal with it so they can control themselves.

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