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What should I do if I’ve just been attacked by my husband?

Admitting to yourself that you are being abused is the first step. And there are a number of things you can do if you are being abused and how the abuse might be prevented:

  1. Hide extra money and important documents somewhere safe so that you can get them in a hurry.

  2. Keep police department phone numbers handy.

  3. Plan a place to go, such as a home of a trusted friend or relative, or a social service agency as an emergency shelter.

  4. During an attack, do everything you can to defend yourself and call the police as soon as you have the opportunity.

  5. When you leave the house, make sure to bring the children with you.

  6. Seek medical attention for your injuries and get a record of the injuries, including photographs. These can serve as evidences should you decide to press charges.

  7. Talk to people who can help you such as trusted family and friends. There are also various women organizations dedicated to helping abused women.

Just remember that there is no excuse for you to be beaten or physically threatened. This is important to remember because sometimes the abuser will try and brainwash you into thinking that’s it’s your fault that he’s abusing you. And in no way should any man be tolerated for such violence. The abuse will continue, so you should act immediately to put a stop to it.

But a lot of women never leave their abuser?

That’s the sad reality. A psychological study revealed that it’s women’s own feelings of fear, guilt, or shame that keep them in a physically abusive relationship. And they are also more compelled to stay because of social and economic pressures. For some, the reason is too much love for her partner and hoping that he might change. However, the abuse almost always continues and can sometimes lead to tragedy.

A married woman may be compelled to keep the marriage because she feels that a divorce is wrong. It could be because of the children. Or in some cases, friends and relatives may give little support or encourage keeping the marriage because of disbelief that the husband can do such violence.

In reality, lots of abused women suffer assaults for years before finally finding the courage and determination to take the necessary steps to stop the abuse. If you’re in an abusive relationship – take action now.

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