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How To Communicate Better In A Relationship (1 Simple Trick)

A common reason for relationship breakdown is the mistake of allowing your relationship communication style with your partner fall into a negative communication style.

What do I mean by this exactly?

Well, some people naturally have a negative communication style. They find it easier to complain and look at the negative side of things.

When this kind of person gets in a relationship with someone, and gets comfortable with that person, it is often only then that this negative communication style is revealed to its full extent.

Then what happens?

This is where “nagging” can set in …usually after a couple of years into the relationship. The negative communicator gives in to the temptation of highlighting the other’s failings in both a direct way …and also in a non-direct way.

When this happens, love is killed …PERIOD.

Why? Because the other partner no longer associates what the other says with positive emotions …but instead dreads what they are going to say next in case it reminds them of aspects of themselves which they don't like.

If you are one such person and your partner views you as someone that complains or looks on the negative side of life, then it's likely that when they think of you, they associate you with negative thoughts.

You need to make sure that such a situation is not happening.

So how can you avoid a negative relationship communication style?

Changing your communication style from negative to positive will not only allow you to communicate better with your partner (and improve your interaction with them) ...but I guarantee you it will also profoundly change other aspects of your life too.

So how is it done?

Well, when you talk with your partner, make sure that you are not talking about something that:

  1. First, is a topic they don't like talking about such as a job promotion they missed, an aspect of their looks they don’t like etc
  1. Secondly, that even if you're talking about something they do like, that you are not talking about it in a negative fashion.

You want a situation where when the person thinks of you and what you talk about, that they are only able to have positive feelings about those conversations …and not negative feelings. 

This is soooo important...

Generally speaking, people tend to try and avoid people that give them negative emotions it in their conversation style or topics or anything else. This is where love dies in a relationship …often slowly, right in front of your face.

Sometimes people have a negative communication style without realizing it. This is why, right now, you need to assess your communication style and see how it makes others feel about you as a person in their lives. Is it something they would think positively about you? Or negatively?

Something to think about.