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How To Save A Relationship From Ending

“Can you save my relationship?!!” People come to me wanting to know how to achieve this usually when things reach boiling point and everything starts to fall apart, and they begin to fear that they’ll lose the relationship, and want to save it from ending.

If you’re like this you’ll probably find yourself wanting to hold on to even the tiniest branch of hope just to save it, especially when despite it all, you still love the person. Relationships, no matter how much love you have for one another, can become complicated.

And if you’re not willing to work through the hard times, it cannot last. I want to go through here some key points that will put you on a better footing starting today and enable you to save your relationship.

How to Save Your Relationship From Ending

There are only two outcomes for every relationship, either it ends for a variety of reasons or it lasts. Your relationship doesn’t have to end. If it is on the rocks, here are some steps you can take to put your relationship back on the road to recovery:

  1. Identify the root cause of your problem and work on it: Problems don’t occur without any reason at all. Aside from fixing the problem itself, it is a lot better to find out what caused it in the first place so that you can do something about it. And consequently stop the same problem from arising again. Once you spot signs that your relationship is in trouble, you need to do this step immediately. Accept the problem (because it’s already there) and fix it and don’t let the root cause remain.

  2. Focus solely on the partnership: Push everything aside if the relationship matters that much to you. When you are sick, you seek medical attention. In the same way, your relationship also needs attention when it is on the rocks. It won’t fix itself unless you do something about it. So take time to sit down and open up to your partner. Identify the areas that need improvement and point out the issues that should concern both of you.

  3. Listen to your partner: Now it may be that your partner seems uncooperative in saving your relationship. But this may be because you are always doing things your way and you don’t give him time to express his concerns and how he wants to fix them. A relationship is a partnership, so make his views and opinions count. Listen to him or her and make your partner feel important too. It takes two people to make a relationship work. So have an open mind and learn to adjust to your partner.

  4. Determine if both of you are willing to save the relationship: It is very important to know whether your partner also wants to fix things and save your relationship. Because no matter how hard you try to fix things, if the other person no longer wants it to be fixed, you could be in trouble. Sometimes the issues are so deep and indispensable that it might not be worth fixing. If you both feel that it’s best to end the relationship and walk away, then so be it. Bitterness would only likely take over and you’d both be miserable sooner or later if you force yourselves to keep a relationship that has lost its value.

  5. Spend more quality time together: Keeping an open communication line is of course always important. Bottling things up inside never does any good. For both of you to stay on course, nightly conversations can do a lot. And going away for a vacation in a romantic place is very effective for you to reconnect and rekindle your love together. A lot of the time, the hustles and bustles of modern life can make couples forget how important they are to each other.

As you can see, you need to understand what and why things went wrong and then focus on how to fix it. And when both of you are willing to make things work again, saving your relationship will become a lot easier and not the uphill task it seems right now.

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