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I hate my boyfriends friends/family!

I hate my boyfriends family
I hate my boyfriends friends
I hate my boyfriends best friend

If you find your yourself in a situation where you hate your boyfriends friends or family (or both) then this is something you'll want to pay very close attention to. Why? Because your boyfriends friends and family have a massive influence on the success of your relationship ...even if you don't see this at the surface level right now.

You see, people tend to regard their friends opinions highly because they are close to them. I often meet people who say they've just had an argument with their partner as a result of something their partners friend had said about them. Friends can pass comments like:

  • I think he doesn't spend enough time with you
  • She didn't speak very nicely to you
  • How come he never hugs you in public etc

These kinds of comments can trigger angry emotions in your partner and make them start arguing with you to remedy the situation.

But my boyfriend might not agree with these comments?

Initially they might not. The problem is that if his friend (or family member) repeats these comments over time, your boyfriends’ subconscious will be trained into believing it, even if they initially disagreed. At this stage, your partner will subconsciously begin to look for clues to back up their friends’ (or family members') comments to see if indeed they are true.

For example, if your boyfriends sister doesn't like you, she may try and pick out something in you in order to knock you down in your boyfriends eyes. If she says you wear dresses that are too short (even if you really don't) ...your boyfriend is likely to pay closer and closer attention to what you are wearing. He may begin imagining that you are wearing dresses that are too short or begin looking at other items of your clothes which he thinks might not be appropriate in his sisters eyes for a woman to be wearing. 

Comments like these can really begin to affect a guys mentality, because guys (like anyone else) want to have a partner who they can be proud of. And if one of their friends or family members is planting seeds of doubt in their mind about you, he may slowly begin to be programmed into thinking that he's making a mistake in going out with you.

None of this is good. It all builds towards tension in your relationship with him. Such conflict may in time lead to a breakup and all because of their friend or family member.

So what should I do? 

Ideally you want to limit the amount of negative influence your boyfriends friends and family have on your relationship. You can do this by one of two ways:

  1. You ensure that your boyfriend and you have a stronger relationship then the one between your boyfriend and their friends.
  2. You keep on good terms with your boyfriends’ friends and family and give them no reason to dislike you.

Of course, the ideal situation is to follow both of the above. If you can get your boyfriends friends to like you, you will avoid their negative programming of your partners mind. In addition, if you manage to get on well with them they are more likely to give positive pushes to the relationship rather than try and detract from it in some way.

So even if you hate your boyfriends friends and/or family ...making enemies with them is not the way to go. 

In my book "THE LOVEMAP CODE: How To Make Someone Fall In Love With You Using Psychology" I show how to analyse a persons subconscious mind in order to discover the things that make that specific person fall in love. You can also use this to make someone simply like you, such as your boyfriends friends or family. 

How does that work?

For example, lets take the above situation again and say your boyfriends sister is the problem. You might not like her and she might not like you. And maybe you don't really know why this is the case. In situations like these, most often whats at play is a personality clash. Your personalities are not only different, but your respective personality types are personality types that tend to rub the other up the wrong way.

In the Lovemap Code program, I show how to analyse a persons personality type in order to identify the problems those personality types tend to have with other people ...and then how to avoid becoming the object of these problems the persons personality has. 

By being able to identify where the root cause of any dislike that a friend or family member may have for you, you will be better able to fix the situation ..and any negative repercussions such a situation may have on the success of your relationship with your boyfriend.

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