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5 Hidden Signs Of A Bad Relationship - Is Yours Unhealthy?

We're all generally familiar with the basic signs that indicate a bad relationship. They include:

  • Lying
  • Cheating
  • Lack of communication
  • Forced into sex
  • Abuse etc

These are the more easily recognized signs of a bad relationshp. In this article however, I want to cover 5 little-known or hidden signs of a bad relationship.

Often people will consider some of these to be part-and-parcel of a relationship ...but the realtity is that they are only part-and-parcel of a relationship with the WRONG person. They should never in their own right be considered to be normal or something you should have to put up with. 

When you allow them to continue, they often only get worst with time. 

5 Bad Signs You May Not Be Aware Of

Do these sound familiar to your relationship?:

  1. One is Controlling the Relationship: If one of you has a controlling nature and is inclined to prove an upper hand in your relationship, expect the relationship to turn into a bad one. Either of you will have to justify every action and expect the same from your partner.

  2. Fear of Expectations: Another sign of an unhealthy relationship is having the fear of being unable to fulfill your partner’s expectation. Or you’re the one burdening your partner with your high standards and expectations.

  3. Attachment with Old Flames: If you are still thinking about your ex and your previous relationship, it means your current relationship is not sufficient to keep your attention. Likewise, if you frequently hear your partner talking about his ex, it could be a sign that he or she is not over that person yet. This is a sign that the relationship is weak and unhealthy.

  4. Single Concentration of Focus: If you care more about yourself and your love is solely focused on yourself, the relationship becomes unhealthy. In the same way that it is unhealthy to entirely focus on your partner and sacrificing yourself. Loving and caring for your partner and yourself are equally essential for a healthy relationship.

  5. Relief in the Absence of Your Partner: Do you feel a strange happiness whenever your partner is not with you? Do you feel like a free bird when he or she leaves and feel burdened when you know your partner is already coming back? This should really make you ask questions about the viability of the relationship.

The reality is that a bad relationship bad for YOU. It can make your life stressful and can even keep you from growing as a person. So if you have spotted some of these signs in your relationship, you should begin thinking on how to improve it.

This doesn't necessarily mean breaking up with the person ...but instead analysing the sitation to see how it can be fixed. Specifically mentioning the problem to your partner often the most straightforward (and immediate) way to do this. If its a healthy realtionship should be able to do this. 

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