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How To Pick Up A Woman Using “The 3-Second-Rule”

If you’ve been reading my other articles on flirting, you will know that giving the perception of confidence is the most powerful way to pick up a woman. And in this article, I want to talk about one method that will make you exude confidence right from the get go. The method I’m talking about is called “The 3 Second Rule”

When you come across a target woman, be it in:

  • A bar

  • Waiting at a bus stop

  • Or a fellow customer in the queue at the local supermarket etc

…you have but 3 seconds to initiate a conversation with her. The 3 seconds begin straight after you brush against her, make eye contact or any other way that you both notice each other for the first time.

Why only 3 seconds?

Well, there are a few reasons:

  1. First impression of confidence: When you initiate conversation within 3 seconds, you’re taking control of the situation. In short you’re immediately giving a good first impression of someone that’s strong, confident and a go-getter. These are attractive qualities particularly to women.

  2. Avoiding a perception of weakness: Wait any longer than 3 seconds and you’re giving her time to form an opinion of you by herself which is an opinion of someone that’s weak and unsure of themselves. If you obeyed the 3 second rule, you’d be forcing her to form an opinion of you the way you’d like her to view you – that of someone that’s strong and sure of themselves.

  3. You’ll avoid potential awkwardness: Wait any longer than 3 seconds and and risk making that first conversation that little bit more awkward. After all shes more likely to engage in meaningful conversation with someone she perceives to be confident (had you obeyed the 3 second rule) rather than someone that’s weak and unsure of themselves that had to think first before starting a conversation with her.

  4. You’ll be complimenting her: If you started a conversation with her straight away rather than waiting, you’re basically saying that you find this woman someone that’s attractive and worthy of immediate conversation. That’s a compliment that every woman wants. What you’re doing is instilling positive emotions in her which is an important aspect of picking up women. In my book THE LOVEMAP CODE: How To Make Someone Fall In Love With You Using Psychology, I devote a whole chapter to instilling positive emotions in the target person you want to fall for you. When you do this right – any woman can be yours.

  5. It prevents you from finding an excuse: If you wait longer than 3 seconds, you increase the likelihood of finding some excuse not to talk to her. You let yourself become intimidated by the situation and leave her drift out of your life and from any potential relationship you could have had together.

Ok, but what if I can’t find something to talk about?

Even if you can’t immediately find a topic of conversation that would interest her, you should always obey the 3 second rule. Heres why: if you comment of something mundane such as compliment her on your clothes, her perfume, ask her for the time of day etc etc – what you’re basically doing is getting the ball rolling. That’s all you’re doing …and that’s all you need to do.

She’ll admire the initiative you’ve taken and is more likely to bounce conversation back at you simply for doing that. Remember – obeying the 3 second rule gives an immediate first impression of confidence and confidence is considered by woman as extremely attractive.

Don’t worry if you don’t have an immediate topic of conversation. The more you do this and get used to spontaneous conversation with women you meet, the easier and more natural to you it becomes.

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