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8 Critical Alpha Male Psychology Characteristics To Have

Want to know how to be an alpha male?
And attract women with more ease than you currently do?

Here's what you need to know..

Almost every guy wants to know how to become an alpha male. He’s not the richest, not even the most good-looking, but for some reason, a lot of women want his attention. And it’s not just the women who find him compelling, even OTHER MEN gravitate towards him and can’t resist his presence.

So what exactly constitutes an alpha male? An alpha male is generally the term referring to a man who exudes power through being:

  • Courageous

  • Competitive

  • And having a “take charge” attitude

They are often described as being charismatic with their confidence and bold approach. Alpha males are also often recognized for their leadership qualities and aggressive tactics.

It’s a fact: alpha males are more attractive to women than any other type of men. And those who don’t display alpha male characteristics often find difficulty in keeping women interested. In social situations, they also do not receive as much respect as alpha males do. So, if you want to experience the advantages of being an alpha male, learn to be one.

Lets now look at the most important alpha male characteristics and psychology you should have.

The Top 8 Ways To Be An Alpha Male

To become an alpha male, you need to know what makes them an alpha male and be that person. The characteristics of an alpha male are usually common to natural leaders and confident men. You may already have some of them, while the others you still need to develop. Here are the top traits of an alpha male:

  1. The Alpha Male Is The Focus of Attention: He doesn’t look around because he IS the party and the center of attention. And he is not concerned with what other people are doing because he is self-focused. Everyone is facing towards him and he is positioned centrally making him stand out from the crowd.

  2. The Alpha Male Talks Slow: Have you noticed your tendency to talk faster when talking with someone of authority? This is because unconsciously you fear that they will stop listening or find something more interesting, so you hurry in making your point so they’ll hear it. An alpha male doesn’t have this fear, they have confidence that people will listen when they speak, so they talk slowly.

  3. The Alpha Male Doesn’t Like Being Questioned: If they answer questions, it’s usually a basic response. But, usually they ask you to guess or throw the question back at you. By doing this, he is controlling the interaction and he still keeps the alpha male status.

  4. The Alpha Male Never Qualifies Himself: He doesn’t apologize nor explains his behavior. He doesn’t boast his success or feel he needs to prove anything. Validation is not something he cares about, he believes in himself alone.

  5. The Alpha Male Enjoys a Challenge: He usually sees other alpha males as enemies because he needs to be the alpha all the time. That’s why he is always competing with other males for the dominant position and enjoys winning the challenge.

  6. The Alpha Male Doesn’t Get Impressed: Because he is self-focused, he rarely pays attention to other’s achievements or gets impressed. Because he is a high achiever, he has seen it all before. It takes a lot to impress him and he has high standards for everything.

  7. The Alpha Male Takes The Glory: This is a trait that other males may hate about an alpha male. If you tell a joke, he takes it further and steals the credit for the laugh. By giving an approval on another’s idea or tweaking it, the ideas become his own, and he takes the credit for it.

  8. The Alpha Male Is Comfortable In His Own Skin: More importantly, an alpha male is someone who is comfortable in his own skin. He doesn’t mind what other people may think. He is assertive in giving his opinions. And he is confident and happy with the way he is in any given situation.

Becoming an alpha male is not an overnight ritual. But if you really want to become an alpha male, it’s good to start acting like one. It’s takes time and practise but eventually, you will see a significant improvement in your dating and social life.

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