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Should you talk to the ugly or attractive girl first when approaching a group of girls?

Want to know how to approach a group of girls?
And do so in a manner that the specific woman you want will respect you?

Then read on...

In short, always talk to the ugly girl first! When you approach a group of girls to start flirting with them and there’s a pretty one standing right next to a rather unattractive one, don’t be tempted to talk to the pretty one first.

If you do this, you might not only give the pretty one the impression that you’re just like all the other guys that have hit on her (and make her think you’re a shallow beauty-seeker), but you stand a pretty good chance of making an enemy out of her ugly friend because you ignored her.

And any other of their friends in the group might be thinking the same thing …ending up making potential enemies out of them too.

Possible Consequences Of Talking To The Pretty One First

Once the ugly girl (or any other girl in the group) has marked you as an enemy, she could keep you from getting intimate with your pick-up target in a number of ways including:

  • Directly telling her pretty friend that you’re bad news

  • Butting into the conversation just when things are going your way

  • Redirecting her friend’s attention by talking with her to prevent her from talking to you

  • Otherwise finding ways to destroy the mood that you’ve created

No matter how good you are with women, it’s almost impossible to fight back against the influence a good friend of hers can have on her.

So I should talk to the ugly one first?

Yes. In contrast, when flirting with girls, talking to the ugly girl first achieves two things:

  1. Disarms A Possible Obstacle(s): Very often it’s the ugly girl in a group that is the worst obstacle because she doesn’t like to see her other friends get with guys while she doesn’t. Talking to the ugly girl first allows you to disarm her as a possible obstacle on your path to getting to know her pretty friend better.

  2. It Intrigues The Pretty Girl: By giving the ugly one attention first, you also make yourself appear more intriguing to the pretty girl who is probably more used to getting the attention of guys above her friend. You’ll have her wondering why you’ve ignored her …when most guys fall at her feet. Not used to being knocked back like this as it were, she’ll be curious to know what it is exactly that made you overlook her.

Both of these outcomes significantly help improve your chances of getting the pretty girl …had you approached her first just like every other guy in the past has done, and also pissed off her ugly friend(s) like the other guys had done.

This tactic in itself won’t make you get with the pretty girl, but it does improve your chances above where they otherwise would have been. It gets you off on the right foot, as opposed to the wrong one.

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