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5 Things You Need To Do When Approaching A Woman

Picture the scene. You're on a night out with a few of your friends. There's women about, and one stands out in particular. Here are 5 important things to remember when you approach her:

  1. Don’t expect anything: Having great expectations could be your downfall. This is because the more you expect, the more nervous you'll make yourself if you don't get an immediate first good reaction from the woman. So keep your expectations down and just enjoy the experience.

  2. Be aware of your body language: You might have probably heard that body language comprises 90% of our communication with other people. So when approaching women, stop slouching and stand straight. Your body posture will give away your anxiety and that’s not cool.

  3. Ditch the pick up lines: Some guys claim that pick up lines are the best conversation starters with women. But really, they’re not ...especially the cheesy ones. Just say “hi” to the girl, say your name, and the rest will follow. You’ll even save yourself from embarrassment ...and consequently save her from embarrassment in the process.

  4. Have a topic ready: Nothing’s worse than a dead air during a conversation. Keep things interesting by being ready with a story or a joke. So for instance, if there's a certain kind of music playing, then note it before you head over to her so you've a topic to talk about.

  5. Practice constantly: There is no other way to make yourself comfortable with approaching women than by getting used to it. So practice it whenever and wherever you can. This way, when you see someone you really like, you'll have built up the practice beforehand to give yourself the best possible chance of making a good first impression on this woman.

The benefits you’ll get here are a boost in your self-confidence, an improvement in your social skills, you’ll get to talk with more woman you like and consequently you'll find that you feel much better about yourself. 

One Final Point When Approaching Women...

According to psychological research, the main factor for fear of rejection is that people get conscious with how they look. They feel that they will just be shrugged off when they approach someone because they don’t look good enough.

One easy way to tackle this, is to work on your style (ie the clothes you wear). Before you head out for the night (and before you approach ANY women) make sure you have your best clothes on ...because not only will they make you look your best, but because you'll be looking your best, you'll also benefit from the boost in confidence that'll come along with this.

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