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What’s the best way of asking a girl to dance?

Want to know how to approach women?
And ask for a dance?

This is a bit of a trick question, because the answer is – you don’t ask! If you start out by approaching a woman and asking her if she wants to dance, then you are actually setting yourself up for failure. If you ask a woman for a dance:

  • You’ll Make Her Feel Uncomfortable: The reality is that the 1950s are gone. Guys don’t ask girls to dance anymore …so if you do ask her to dance, you’re just going to make her feel awkward and embarrassed at such an offer.

  • You’re Giving Her An Option To Reject You: When you ask someone for permission to dance with them, you are providing that person with an option to either agree or disagree to give you that permission. However, if you just do what you wanted to do without asking, you’re taking away the opportunity for the other person to think.

  • You’re Putting Your Neck On The Line In A Big Way: The biggest reason why guys fear approaching girls is because of a fear of rejection. This is often built up from past experiences of having been rejected. So don’t put yourself in a position where you could have your confidence unnecessarily dented like this where a better option (as we’ll go through) is available to you.

So asking her for a dance comes with all sorts of disadvantages attached …as opposed to the almost disadvantage free route of simply not asking her for a dance, but simply dancing with her without asking.

How To Dance With Her Without Asking

Firstly, you need to pick someone who is already dancing. So you’ll need to get on the dance floor (either by yourself or with a few mates) and start dancing in general. Once you’ve got into a rhythm, you can begin looking for a possible target to start dancing with.

Contrary to what a lot of guys think, most women don’t consider it rude if you start dancing with them when they’re already on the dance floor. So when you see an opportunity, cut in and start dancing with your target. Don’t touch the woman, but simply dance opposite her (about 25inches away) to give her a chance to see your invitation. From here, two outcomes will occur:

  • She Rejects You: If you see that she’s not very receptive to your advances, you can easily save face by just moving on to another target and pretending that nothing happened. Dance floors are dark and usually crowded. If one girl rejects your offer of a dance, you can easily keep dancing around the floor and try again with another possible woman. She might turn you down because she doesn’t fancy you. Or she might turn you down because she has a boyfriend, be a lesbian or her star sign told her not to dance with guys that night. Whatever the reason, it’s no big deal. Just move on.

  • She Accepts You: If she accepts your approach – success! You’ve managed to put yourself in a golden opportunity to score with a woman …all without ever having to have risked the uncomfortable rejection that would have come along with had you asked her to her face to dance with you. Once a girl accepts a guys approach to dance with her like this, it’s a very good sign that he’s going to have a great night with her.

What should I do once she accepts?

Initially your dance together will be a hands-off affair. You’ll just be dancing solo …but together. Once she has got a chance to get comfortable being in your presence, you can start getting closer to her by reaching for her hand and giving her a twirl. After another minute or two, you can reach in and get closer to her by moving your bodies together.

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