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Why do girls like funny guys?

We all know that one of the best ways of attracting girls is to have a great sense of humor and a quick wit. But why exactly is this?

Well, one of the most basic reasons (and indeed you’re probably thinking this) is that humor makes people feel good. And generally, people want to be around those who make them feel good.

So it might seem like an open and shut case. Doesn’t it? Well not quiet. It turns out things go much deeper than this.

What do you mean?

It turns out that humor says a lot more about a guy than you might think. A recent psychological study was conducted which involved women being given a set of short stories to read about men. The key variable that was different in each of the short stories was the main characters sense of humor. So in one short story he had a great sense of humor, in another he had an average sense of humor and in another he didn’t really have any sense of humor at all.

The women were then asked to write out a description of the guys in the story and what they thought of them. In turns out that the guy with the good sense of humor ended up being endowed with all sorts of good qualities …which weren’t evident from the content of the story. Women seemed to view the guy with a good sense of humor through a distorted lens …giving him qualities such as being more intelligent, more caring, more masculine and even being taller than the other guys.

These traits were not even explicitly mentioned in the short stories themselves. This shows that women have a tendency to use humor as a proxy for other traits without being consciously aware of it. This is why girls like funny guys.

Is this something that’s learned? Or a genetic similarity all women share?

The evidence points towards a genetic similarity. When the same researchers examined womens attraction for funny guys during womens ovulation period (when they are at their most fertile), their attraction towards funny guys increased significantly …while their attraction towards guys with average or poor senses of humor stayed the same.

As women tend to be most on the look-out for good genes during ovulation (to produce a strong healthy off-spring), this shows us that women are psychologically pre-composed to associate funny guys with good genes in general. This explains why the women doing the short story study inadvertently gave the guy with the good sense of humor all sorts of other qualities from being more masculine all the way to even being the tallest. This is how they view guys with good senses of humor in general (whether they are ovulating or not).

What does this mean? Well, one the best short cuts to improving your overall chances of seducing women (or getting one particular woman you like) is to work on improving your sense of humor. Because this inadvertently positively affects the way women view other aspects of your character and appearance.

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