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Do women lie about the number of sexual partners they’ve had?

Ever wondered why women lie?
And what they lie about?

According to recent studies, the number of sexual partnes a woman admits to having is right up there. And not only do they lie to potential partners (or an already existing partner) about the number of guys they’ve slept with, they even lie about their past number of sexual partners in anonymous surveys.

Studies also show that women also often lie about their age of first sexual encounter as well as their use of pornography and masturbation. So when it comes to sex, don’t expect to get a straight answer from your woman.

How do you know they’re lying if they don’t admit it?

We know this because of the way the different surveys were conducted. It turns out that women are very likely to give different answers to the same questions …depending on whether or not they are under pressure to tell the truth.

In one study conducted on a university campus, women were made to believe that they were being hooked up to a lie detector (which was actually a fake). The researchers found that women being hooked up to the lie detector reported back having significantly more partners than women who weren’t hooked up to any lie detector.

The number of past sexual partners these women had were nearly double that of the number of women who hadn’t been hooked up to the lie detector. This study revealed that, on average, women respond to having:

  • 2.6 Partners: When they were asked face to face by the researcher
  • 3.4 Partners: During an anonymous paper survey
  • 4.4 Partners: When under the fake polygraph test

Men on the other hand seemed to be more honest in these types of tests since their answers hardly varied and remained consistent when they were quizzed about their sex lives under various conditions while there were great variations in the women’s answers when they thought they were being monitored.

Why Women Lie About Their Previous Sexual Encounters

The reality is that women have every reason to lie in this regard …while men have every reason to be frank (or indeed even exaggerate the number of sexual partners they’ve had). Based on the study, women often lie about the number of sexual partners they’ve had mainly due to society’s pre-established expectations of women.

The women who lied when surveyed cited several reasons such as being “ashamed” of the number of sexual partners they have actually had, being perceived as promiscuous, or for fear of a new partner finding out that they’ve slept with more people than their partner.

And it’s not the womans fault in this regard. Men like to believe that their girlfriends have been with as few men as possible. So many women allow their man to believe this by essentially telling their man what they know they want to hear from them.

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