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What type of music should I put on for my first date?

You'll never hear much about it, but one of the most under utilized flirting techniques out there is the choice of music you should put on for your first date.

A scientific study conducted by researchers Dolf Zilmann and Azra Bhatia has shown that the type of first date music playing in the background during your date can actually affect:

  1. The outcome of the date

  2. And how attractive your date perceives you

However this generally only applies if one of the partners has chosen the music that’s playing. So from this point of view, the type of music playing wouldn’t come into the equation in a restaurant type setting (where the restaurant chooses the music) as much as it would if you are inviting your date back to your place for dinner or a movie (where you would be choosing the music).

This is because, from a psychological point of view, your date will form a subconscious connection between the music you put on and the type of guy/girl you are.

What kind of music should I put on for them?

Firstly, it depends on the whether you’re trying to seduce a guy or a girl:

  • Seducing a Guy: Classical music might sound cliché but it’s effective in forming an impression in the guys mind as you being a sophisticated woman. And sophisticated women are sexy. Steer clear of heavy metal or rock music playing in the background as this type of music makes women less attractive to men. The only caveat to this is if you know the guy is specifically into heavy metal or rock music. In which case, its ok to play them.

  • Seducing a Girl: Classical music might seem like an obvious choice …but its actually one of the worst types of music you can play if you want to seduce a woman. Studies have shown that men who have a taste for the classics are apparently perceived as less attractive.

Furthermore, unless they value their music more than their partner, both men and women should apparently steer clear of country music since it was found that having a taste for country music actually significantly diminishes the appeal of both men and women to the opposite sex.

What if we have the same taste in music?

Again, this depends:

  • Advice For Women: The same study showed that your appeal in the guys eyes can be greatly increased if you share the same musical taste as the guy. Thus, for you girls out there, it’s a good idea to do your research and find out what genre of music your date prefers.

  • Advice For Guys: In contrast, women do not seem to care what genre of music men are into and so, shared taste in music does not affect men’s appeal to women in general.

There’s a certain generalization in these findings, but they are significant enough to take note of them.

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