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How To Approach Girls Confidentially ...Using Mind Exercises

Are you one of those guys who want to know how to approach girls but are unsure of yourself? In this article I’m going to cover some mental exercises you can do that will make approaching girls that little bit easier.

You should know by now that it’s not all about looks, it’s about confidence. But let’s face it - not all men are as sure about themselves as they’d like to be. However, don’t get discouraged because confidence is all in the mind. So it is something that can be altered and worked upon.

4 Mind Techniques To Put You At Ease

  1. Imagine having flirted with women in the past: Studies show that visualizing yourself as having done a particular thing can help minimize any hesitation or nervousness normally felt when doing something for the first time. Our mind can be tricked and cannot tell the difference between something real and something just vividly imagined. So, vividly imagine yourself flirting with women by using your five senses for a more detailed image.

  2. Stop thinking about potential problems or negative outcomes: What’s the worst thing that could happen if you do try to flirt with a woman? Instead of being negative, apply your energy in forming extraordinary relationships, developing yourself, and meeting your goals. Do not focus on things you have no control of. Instead of worrying, invest your time and energy in things you have control of. And do what you can do to minimize risks for those uncontrollable factors.

  3. Fast forward: Want to know how to approach girls confidently? Here's a neat little trick - imagine yourself in the future! When you’re at that time, would you think that the fears you have now are valid in keeping yourself from getting what you want? Would you not be regretting not having tried because you were unsure of yourself? You see, keeping a good perspective of things can help you reduce your uncertainties about yourself significantly.

  4. Think and act confident even when you’re not: Carefully observe confident men and how they flirt with women. Act as if you’re one of them. If you were a confident man, how would you move and speak? How would you think and what would you be telling yourself when doing a self-talk? When you act confident, you are actually making yourself go into a confident state. Practice this way of thinking regularly and being confident will then become a second nature. Before you know it, you’ll find yourself no longer having to act confident in flirting with women because you have become a natural at it.

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