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How To Attract Women By Enhancing Your Charisma 

Want to know how to attract women?
But maybe don't have the looks or body some other guys have?

Here's one trick you can do NO MATTER what nature has given you...

If you're like most men, you'll probably be thinking that the best way to attract women is to be good-looking and successful. This of course is will be a bit of a let down if you are only one or neither of these.

The reality though is that the belief that only good looking men have success with women is flawed. You need to know that all women want only one thing – positive emotions. And the best way to instill positive emotions is with positive energy.

Energy Building Tactics That Attract Women

Even adopting 3 or 5 of these will increase not only the energy you have with the person you're looking to go out with, but they'll also work to build your charisma in other areas of your life too.

  1. The Lingering Handshake: If you shake her hands, let your hand linger on hers a little longer and then sweep her hand as you let go. Give a sincere smile and look into her eyes while you do it so you don’t look like a pervert.

  2. Repeat Her Name: Say her name as much as you can when you talk. Speak it in a soft and sensual manner every time you do.

  3. Stir Your Drink: When you’re drinking something, stirring it with a rhythm while talking to her is sexy. And it can even have a hypnotizing effect under the right ambience.

  4. Whisper: Don’t talk, but whisper when she gets close enough. Whispering in itself is an intimate act. Also, the very act of whispering involves leaning into the persons space so they can hear you.

  5. Use Nicknames: Create a sweet name to call her when you get close to her. An easy way to think of one is to pick some element of her appearance that looks good and attach a positive word to it. So you might pick her eyes, her hair or her mouth etc and attach a positive word such as sparkle, racy or sweet. This would leave you with sparkle eyes, racy hair or sweet smile etc. They can also be interlinked such as sweet eyes or racy smile etc.

  6. Touch Her Back: Women have the tendency to touch while in a conversation. When she does, touch her as well. You can touch her in the shoulder or her arm as you laugh. Do it more frequently as the night goes on.

  7. Tease Her: When you’re flirting, try to incorporate teasing to make it more exciting. Teasing only happens between two people who feel a comfortable with one another. So you'll be sending the message straight to her subconscious that a connection has already been built between you both.

  8. Get More Personal: As the night progresses, make sure your conversation gets more personal. Ask more personal questions to get to know her better. You'll only be able to do this once you've already been talking for some time.

Create Energy When Attracting Women

These flirting tips for men are essentially designed to make sure your behavior shows the woman that you are interested in her.

Flirting is all about creating energy between you and a woman to make your interaction more exciting. This is what you need to focus on achieving.

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