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How To Intrigue A Woman

Want to know how to intrigue a woman?
And do so in a manner that LASTS?

Consider this...

Let’s suppose I met you on a bus one day and we got talking. During the course of our conversation together we began talking about the other people on the bus and I began telling you that I could read their minds.

I then proceed to prove this by pointing out to you the people that were most likely to press the signal button to get off at the next stop …and sure enough each one I point out gets off on cue as we proceed along the route.

Now what would be going through your mind at this? Most likely you would be intrigued by my ability to read minds. You’d begin wondering if I had some kind of magic powers …and the result is that you would be intrigued and I would stick in your mind afterwards.

So what just happened?

Well, let’s just back up a second. I can’t really read minds. I was just pretending to for fun. What I didn’t tell you was that I am a body language expert. And all I was doing was analyzing each persons body posture to judge their state of mind …and what they were most likely to do next.

For example, you can tell with a fair degree of accuracy the people on a bus that are most likely to get off at the next stop by analyzing their body posture.

People who:

  • Are seated upright
  • Intently looking ahead
  • Slightly leaning forward
  • Have their body slightly angled towards the signal button
  • Or a combination of these

…are all people that are likely to be looking to get off within the next stop or two. It becomes easier to tell who is most likely to get off next by eliminating the people who are least likely to get off next (such as those looking out the windows or those who are sitting slouched on their seat).

But you wouldn’t have known this. From your perspective, it would have looked like I was reading the peoples minds …and this would have set up a sense of mystery in your mind about me.

Simply Don’t Explain

If you can display a trait, quality or skill to the woman you like …without explaining how you have that particular trait, quality or skill, it sets up a sense of mystery in that womans mind about you.

And this is powerful. This is how to intrigue a woman.

Humans have a natural desire to figure things out. If something perplexes us, we look for an answer to it. We don’t like lose ends. When you can leave the woman you like wondering something about you, her imagination naturally kicks in and begins trying to figure out that thing about you.

The side-effect of this is that if she is unable to figure out that thing about you …you will stick in their mind.

And sticking in a womans mind is a key way to making that woman fall in love with you. A woman can’t fall in love with you if she never thinks about you. She can only fall in love if you are on her mind. So you need to find a way of achieving this …and mystery is one way of achieving this goal.

Build Mystery While You Can

When a woman doesn’t know certain things about you …you will appear more mysterious. As soon as she knows those things about you …you immediately revert back to being just an ordinary person.

Obviously, eventually this woman is going to figure out these things about you (afterall, if you get into a relationship together she’s going to get to know more and more about you). The key here is to keep her in a sense of mystery about you UNTIL she has fallen for you. After that, having a sense of mystery about you is not as important as in the early stages of building attraction in her for you.   

If you have a trait, quality or skill …don’t give an explanation for it. Instead, keep the explanation back …and this way you will link it to the “unknown” in her mind. Making a person think about you like this is a key concept which I cover in more detail in my book “THE LOVEMAP CODE: How To Make Someone Fall In Love With You Using Psychology”.