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How To Know If A Woman Is Superficial Or Shallow

Want to know how to get a girlfriend? One thing you should first consider the type of QUALITIES you want in a woman.

One of the most sought after qualities in a woman, is a genuine down-to-earth personality. I know that’s what I’ve always looked for in a woman anyway, and also what a lot of guys look for too.

One way to weed out the truth about this side of her personality is to try and find out if she seeks out a guy based on superficial things such as his looks etc …or if she puts more weight on other qualities such as his overall character and personality.

So how can you find this kind of stuff out?

You may or may not have in inkling in your own mind as to which way a particular woman (you may have in your mind) operates in this regard. But if you can’t tell if she’s the superficial type or not, one way to tell is to observe the way she dresses.

For example, does she:

  • Wear designer glasses?
  • Carry a designer handbag?
  • Or wear designer ear-rings? etc.

Now, any one of these in their own right does not mean that a woman is superficial. There's nothing out of the ordinary in someone indulging in these from time to time. But if she is covered in these things from head to foot, it s an indicator that she may put too much value on superficial things.

What this means for you…

These are small pieces of fashion accessories …but they let you know that she pays attention to small things like these. And if she pays attention to small things like these, she’s likely to pay attention to small things in you …and this is superficiality.

If she takes a lot of care with small things like this, and how she appears to the outside world, it maybe that she’s looking for a guy she can use to physically show off …as opposed to wanting a guy because he has a nice personality or other qualities. This is never the basis of a good healthy relationship. But one, which is likely to see problems down the line.

So if you want to know how to get a girlfriend ...AND get one where you can build a SOLID relationship with her afterwards - just consider if those are qualities that you are prepared to live with.

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