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How To Meet Women - 5 First Impression Mistakes To Avoid

Want to know how to meet women?

Before you consider the best way of going about it, a wise starting point is to first consider the exact MISTAKES you should be looking to avoid! Mistakes that so many other guys make.

In this article i'm going to cover some of the first impression mistakes men make ...and how to avoid them. Before you go out and start meeting women, it’s best to identify first why men are having trouble in attracting women. Some of them include:

  1. Keeping The Focus On Yourself: Men who speak about themselves alot turn off women. Why? Because women love to talk about themselves. If you’re out on a date and the girl starts talking, listen to her. Make this an opportunity for you to know more about her. Ask her questions. Curiosity shows that you are interested in her. If you admire something about her, then give her a compliment. Just don’t overdo it so as not to sound insincere and appear that you’re just up to something.

  2. Lack Of Self-Confidence: Some men are just insecure and lack self-confidence. They feel that other men are better looking, more intelligent and way cooler than they are. What effect does this have? Well, they really never get to attract the women they want. Remember this: women love men who exude confidence. Being confident means that you are capable of handling any kind of situation. Do not confuse the word with arrogance though (Check out my other article: 5 Flirting Tips For Guys With Self-Confidence Issues for more information on this).

  3. Sloppiness & Poor Hygiene: If you want to know how to meet women but you first haven't taken care of this basic ...then you really need a reality check. Do you have nose hairs, ear hairs or visible hairs on your back? If you do, women will knock alot of marks off for this. And of course, it goes without saying that any encounter where you expect to meet women (or a particular woman you have your eye on), should have been accompanied by a shower that morning or evening.  

  4. Stinginess: It’s not always about the money and women are not always attracted to wealthy men. But it’s fairly reasonable that a guy should at least offer to pay for the bill, especially on the first date. More often than not the woman will protest and offer to split the bill. If she does, you can reluctantly agree. At least you offered, and showed yourself to be a gentleman in the process.

  5. Lack Of Sense Of Humor: Last but not the least, women love humor ...and dislike a lack of it. If you don't think you have a good sense of humor, a good substitute is to be laid back on the date. This way you're not taking things too seriously which is at least in congruence with a light atmosphere.

So, what's the best way to make a good impression?

Well firstly, by avoiding the above 5 things. This will go a long way towards setting you up well in the womans eyes. But, do you know whats probably the single best thing you can do (probably because most guys don't do it well)? Its your style.

Your clothing is the first thing a girl will notice from a distance, and it’s what she’ll be looking at during and after your conversation. In addition, most guys don't have a clue about good clothes, but women are acutely tuned into this area. So if you pay attention to this one single area, you can significantly increase your level of attractiveness above the guys around you.

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