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How To Show-Off To Someone You Like (Without Coming Across As A Show-Off)

Got a crush on someone?
And want to know how to show off to them?

At this stage, one of the biggest mistakes made is trying too hard to impress the person. The reason this is bad is because very often, in the process, the person ends up looking like a show-off ...which is not attractive.

If Tiger Woods was to come along and tell everyone that he's the best golfer that ever lived ...he wouldn't win too many fans because of it (even though it's probably true). Likewise, if Nicole Scherzinger came along and said shes got one of the best bodies in the world ...her likeability would suffer (even though she's probably right).

Therefore, you need to be careful anytime you are trying to display something positive about you to the person you like ...because if you do it wrong, you could end up with the exact opposite effect that you were looking for on the person.

So what's the best way of doing it?

Well, the answer is through using “The Thoughts Network Technique”. This is done by having a conversation about a certain topic, which you know will lead to another topic and then another one.

Lets say that you happen to own an expensive car ...and you want to relay this fact across to the other person so as to impress them. You could work your way onto this topic using a number of other topics that will help coax more and more information out of you ...hopefully getting them to ask you what kind of car you drive rather than you yourself coming straight out and saying it:

  • TOPIC A: A Local Town: You could begin talking to the person about a certain town in your general locality.

  • TOPIC B: The Recent Traffic In That Town: You could then talk about the heavy traffic you experienced the other day in that town.

  • TOPIC C: An Over-Heating Problem Caused By The Towns Traffic: You could then talk about how long it delayed you and somewhere in the conversation slip in that the long time stopped in traffic caused your car to start over-heating a bit.

The natural flow of the conversation will then cause the person to start talking about what happened to your car (and indirectly about your car in itself). The great thing about this is that very often you'll get the person to ask you what kind of a car you drive as opposed to volunteering the information yourself.

This is where the power of "The Thoughts Network Technique" really comes into its own. You can't be considered to be show-off if it was the other person that asked you what make of car you drive which is exactly what would have happened had you volunteered the information.

How else can I display a positive trait I want to show the person?

Going back to the Tiger Woods analogy, why is he considered the best golfer that ever lived ...even though he has never said that himself? Simple - because everyone else has said it. The TV pundits, the newspaper columnists and your friends have said it.

Why is this important? Well it shows that when other people think a certain thing, we are likely to believe that that thing is true. Its called "The Law Of The Crowd" and is a very powerful concept. To put this into practise on the person you like, it can be very useful to try and get one of the persons friends (or one of your mutual friends) to slip into a conversation with them the positive trait you are trying to get across to the person.

Again, because the positive trait is not being directly brought up by you yourself, the person is more likely to pay attention to it and notice it alot more than if you had tried to convince them you are great on your own. Applying these two techniques when you have a crush is more effective and less embarrassing, especially if you’re the shy type. Sometimes, being subtle is better than being direct.

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