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How To Talk To Girls - High Risk Perception Vs Low Risk Perception

Want to know how to talk to girls?
But don't know where to start?

These are two very important things you should think about when talking to girls. They involve how you perceive a situation when talking to a woman.

  1. High-risk perception: If you perceive the situation as high risk, there is a very low possibility that you will get a good outcome. This because you are approaching her with a negative frame of mind and consequently there is a good chance that she’ll pick up on this and reject you for it.

  2. Low risk perception: If you perceive the situation as low risk, there is a very high possibility that you will get a good outcome. If you train your mind not to be thinking too far ahead and just approach a woman for a chat rather than trying to get her to be your girlfriend, you’ll naturally feel more relaxed. And she’s likely to feel more comfortable talking to you.

    You both are merely talking with a member of the opposite sex so there’s no pressure. When you’ve been talking to her for a while you can then try moving things forward from the solid foundation you’ve built.

How does this work?

The logic is simple: If you don’t think of the situation as being a risky situation, then you won’t feel as much pressure. In talking to women, you may try to find reasons or excuses why you should not.

But the truth is that the risk of it all (and therefore your nervousness) only exists in your mind ...because you've nothing to lose from the situation, but everything to gain. That's like placing a bet, but not losing any money if you lose, but you do get the winnings if you win. If you perceive the situation in this light, it'll make talking to the woman you like alot lot easier.

You may think that anticipating a negative outcome is being realistic. However, have you forgotten the power of positive thinking? The more you think that something will work, the more effort you will exert into making it work. And the more likely that it will yield a positive result.

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