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How To Tell If Your Girlfriend Sees A Future With You Or Not

Want to know how to get a girl?
But want to make sure she is the GENUINE thing ...and not a time-waster?

Read on...

Depending on your situation with the woman you have in mind, one of the above possibilities will appeal to you more than the other. So how do you find out which applies to your target woman?

Well, one way to tell if a woman is looking for a fling as opposed to a long-term relationship is to pay attention to the way she reacts to differences between you both.

What kind of differences are you talking about?

You should pay attention to the way she reacts to differences between you both with regards to:

  • Life goals
  • Distances between where you both live
  • And mindset on having children etc.

These are little indicators women use to “test” the potential a possible relationship might have. If a woman is interested in having a long-term relationship with a guy, the woman should react negatively to any of these differences because these would be in-congruent to a long-lasting relationship.

She would also try to see if you are negotiable on these areas by discussing them in further detail with you. This is to test if you are flexible on any of these areas or if you view them as red-line issues that you would never be willing to budge on.

If she is looking for a long-term relationship but isn’t able to see any way in her own mind how these differences could be resolved, your encounter with her won’t last very long.

So, what if she’s still showing interest despite these differences?

If you see that you and a woman have many differences on your outlooks on life but she’s still showing interest, there are two possibilities:

  1. Neediness: It may be a sign she’s needy. And so is willing to overlook these differences for the moment …even though they will eventually become problem areas later on in the relationship

  2. Short Term Sex-Partner: Or it may be a sign that she’s not thinking about a long-term relationship …but instead only wants you for sex. If she’s just come out of a relationship, it may be the case that just any guy will do for the time-being until she finds someone that is as good as her ex or better.

Woman always tend to think about the future with regard to children and where and how she will live with her future husband etc. It’s built into their psyche. So if she’s overlooking things like this with a guy early on, it’s not a good sign (assuming that you want more than just a fling).

So if you want to know how to get a girl ...AND keep her, you might want to look elsewhere if she is not passing the above criteria.

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