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5 Dangerous Myths about Single Women Over 35

Want to know where you can find single women looking for men?
But first want to make sure they're not single for a reason?

Then read on...

Imagine a situation where you think you've found the perfect woman. Everything about her just hits all the right buttons for you:

  • Her appearance
  • Her likes and dislikes
  • Her interests and hobbies
  • The kind of books and movies that she’s into
  • And her philosophy in life just screams “soul mate” at you.

Everything is perfect ...except for one thing - she's 35 (or over). As a result, all sorts of myths and biases regarding single women over 35 start entering your head – clouding your better judgment about this woman.

The question is: how much of these stereotypes regarding single women who are over 35 are actually true? Let’s go over some of the more popular myths in this article.

Myth #1: She's too much for any man to handle

This might mean that she is demanding, extremely spoiled or just too much of a free-spirit to be corralled in by any man and is unwilling to compromise. While this could very well be true, you need to realize that most modern women are indeed independent and not very submissive.
If you really want to test your compatibility with this person, then you shouldn’t stereotype. Simply date her to find out if she really is who you pegged her to be.

Myth #2: She will take just about anyone

This is a rather chauvinistic way of thinking, but it is a thought that many men entertain when a woman has never been married at 35. All single women looking for men are not necessarily desperate like this. The reality is that being single at 35 doesn’t necessarily make someone an “easy woman” who will marry just about anyone.

There may have been other circumstances that caused her to remain unmarried at 35 such as:

  • Going through tough times wherein marriage was far from her thoughts
  • Devoting herself to education
  • A long-term relationship that broke down (because of issues the guy had)
  • Or some other cause that has nothing to do with being desperate.

Thus, if you really want to date her, make sure you put your best foot forward or you just might end up with your foot in your mouth when she rejects you for your wishy-washy approach.

Myth #3: She’s not desperate, but she has unusually high standards for a romantic partner

Again, this is not necessarily true. You should realize that everyone wants to find a good partner and perhaps she just has not found someone who adequately satisfies her particular lovemap specifications just yet (NOTE: To find out more about a persons Lovemap specifications, check out my book; “THE LOVEMAP CODE: How To Make Someone Fall In Love With You Using Psychology).

Someone who takes her time in choosing the right person deserves to be praised for her level-headedness, patience and conviction.

Myth #4: She  doesn’t know how to carry on a real relationship

This is a false belief. Just because someone has never been married does not equate that person to being incapable of carrying on a real long-term relationship. This is simply pointless stereotyping and judging someone based solely on their pasts relationships or lack thereof is never a good way to start a relationship with this person. Again, dating someone and actually getting to know them is always better than paying attention to stereotypes

Myth #5: She’s a workaholic

In these trying times, everyone is a workaholic (I know I am anyway), but it does not mean that this person does not know how to carry on a relationship while also pursuing her career goals.

After all, you are probably doing the same or have done the same in the past if you’re single right now – why should this woman be any different just because she is single at 35?