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8 Topics To Talk About When Picking Up Women

When picking up women, during a conversation, the focus should ALWAYS be on the woman because it’s you who wants to captivate her and not the other way around. If you give her all your attention, she’ll feel special and believe that you are very much interested in her.

So, what should you talk about? Here are some topics:

  • Her interests

  • Her career

  • Places she had been to and would like to visit

  • Things she wants to do or achieve

  • Her favorite food

  • A good book she likes to read

  • Her favorite music

  • Movies she loves and hates

The list just goes on and on.

And Remember...

Did you notice how the words “her” and “she” were always included? What I’m trying to emphasize here is that when picking up women - you MUST direct all of your conversation towards the woman.

Understanding the female psychology is crucial in picking up women. If you know how to treat her well, she’ll return the treatment back..

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