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7 Things NOT To Do On A First Date

Looking for some good first date ideas?
But don't know where to begin?

The best place to begin is by learning how to AVOID the common mistakes people make on a first date.

The key is to the date is to plan what to do both of you will enjoy it. First impressions are important, but don’t pressure yourself too much to impress your date that you forget to be yourself. It’s the real you that should shine, not a facade. Just decide to have a good time and you probably will.

Of course, we want our first date to be perfect so there’ll be another one. However, sometimes it doesn’t turn out the way we imagined it. Something goes wrong and it closes the chapter as soon as it even began. This is what I want to show you how to avoid.

Yes, I have a date coming up with someone new

Below are common first date mistakes and some steps you can take to avoid them on that all-important first date:

  • Cheap Deal: Being cheap is the worst and most common turn off. It doesn’t necessarily mean that your first date should be extravagant or expensive. However, at least show some courtesy and go to a place where the ambience is appropriate for a date and where there’s decent food.
  • Making Your Ex a Topic: Talking about your ex while on a date is not a good idea. Your date is not interested with that. And what’s worse is he or she might feel you still have feelings for your ex or you’re just being bitter. Stop talking about your ex or you probably won’t get another date with your current one.
  • Being Conceited: Yes, you could be the best catch out there. However, your date wouldn’t want to hear all about it from you. Bragging is such a major turn off. Making a good impression doesn’t mean boasting about yourself. Instead just be yourself and let your date see for himself or herself the best in you.
  • Stealing the Limelight: Guys should be aware that it is the woman who should be the centre of attraction and look special. Some guys get overly concerned about themselves on first dates that they forget this. Make sure you compliment her and let her do the talking as much as possible. Being attentive to her is one way to earn brownie points.
  • Meet my Gang: Of course, we love to show off our date to our friends. However, it is not good to do this on a first date. So don’t invite your friends over during the date because it is supposed to be special and individual for both of you. You can of course do it on your succeeding dates, but definitely not on the first one.
  • Sexual Topic: Although it may be an interesting topic, talking about physical intimacy on the first date is not appropriate at all. Avoid talking about any sexual topic or you might come across as a desperate psycho. Choose a light and enjoyable topic for a calm and relaxed date.
  • The Rude Side:First impression doesn’t only involve how you are with your date but also with how you deal with others around during your date. Being rude with the venue staff, waiters, or even with other girls or guys is also being rude to your date. It just sends off all the wrong signals.

If you heed these first date advices, then you’re doing yourself a big favour by not letting the girl or guy of your dreams slip your hands.

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