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What colors should i wear to attract someone?

Want to know how to attract someone?
And considering the clothes you should wear?

It turns out the color you wear could be important!

Color experts say there are certain colors that you can wear to attract the opposite sex. This applies whether you want to pick up a woman or a guy. For instance, men who are wearing the color blue seem to have the most success. They say men who wear blue seem to exemplify:

  • Stability

  • Faithfulness

  • And dependability.

They are a likely candidate for a long-term relationship.

What about women?

Women, on the other hand, look most approachable when wearing pink-peach. It gives them a healthy glow and it flatters most skin tones.

The color pink-peach also projects slight vulnerability, which makes men feel the urge to protect the one wearing it. Women who wear deep red, burgundy, or plum attract men who like strong women.

Red is the most sensual color of all. It is the color of sex and power, so wear it with caution. It can either attract men interested in sex or men attracted to powerful women. For both sexes: take note that squished caterpillar yellow-green repels both sexes in the same way. So never wear such a color when you want to attract attention.

What about perfume/cologne?

Several studies have revealed that men associate cinnamon and vanilla scents with love? So why not take advantage of this? If you know how to bake, make some ready-made cinnamon rolls and offer some for your guy. Or just wear a cinnamon or vanilla scented perfume.

Aromatherapy experts say perfumes and colognes increases the presence of pheromone-like substances. These are oils similar to our own sexual secretion, which dramatically increases attraction.

For men who want to know how to impress a girl, a black liquorice scent attracts women the most. Simply eating liquorice or drinking a liquorice smelling liquor will do. But don’t smell drunk, of course.

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