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What do women find attractive other than good looks?

Ever wondered what do women find attractive?
Is it looks, money or social status?

Here's what you need to know: Most women are searching for a ‘good man’ they can love ...BUT this is only true to a certain degree as women are attracted to other traits and characteristics long before love develops.

Although most women may be attracted to handsome men, physical appearance only makes up a minor part of other more important qualities that women find attractive. It is the behaviour and personality that can emotionally attract or repel women. So if a man knows exactly what women really want, then his mission to win the heart of women will become much easier.

8 Things Women Find Attractive In a Man 

  1. A man who can take care of her: If you want to win a woman’s heart, you need to give her the care she deserves. They want to be pampered just like kids. Showing that you are always there means a lot to them. Women will naturally fall for a man who is genuinely caring.

  2. A man with a strong sense of personal, social, and business mastery: Women are attracted to guys who are confident and know themselves better. Men can show his confidence and integrity through competence in his work, education, sports, or doing home improvements.

  3. A man who is “good with kids”: Women just love men who find it easy to get along with kids. It’s included in the checklist of most women when it comes to what they want in a man. Being good with kids gives the impression that the person is extremely loving, caring and affectionate.

  4. A man who wants commitment: Women want men who know how to commit because it gives them emotional stability. When a guy commits, it shows that he is generally ready and able to enter a relationship. And that he is willing to love and be loved.

  5. A man who is hard-working: Women are most attracted to a man who makes them feel secure. So if a man is able to bring stability, she knows she will be cared for. Women on average are attracted to hardworking men, more than just about any other trait or characteristic.

  6. A man who makes more money: Several studies reveal that most women prefer financially stable men than those who make less money. Women want to ensure having no problems rearing their children. That’s why they prefer those who earn more money. They want men who can take care of the family and their immediate needs. He need not be a moneybag, but at least he has to have a steady income.

  7. A man who respects her and is loyal: All women want to be respected by men. They wouldn’t enter into a relationship with a man they know would not appreciate and value them. Loyalty is also one of the most important qualities that women find attractive in a man. No woman will want to share her man with another woman. Which is why unfaithfulness is most often the cause of broken relationships.

  8. A man who can handle any situation: Women admire a man who is able to see a situation that needs to be dealt with, then steps forward and handles it. Men should make choices and take responsibility for the consequences. If he's hesitant to make decisions and waits for others to solve the problem, women will back off.

Now that you know some secrets about a woman’s mind and heart, go ahead and attract that woman you've been eyeing. Show her that you're all that she’s been waiting for by applying these steps.

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