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What To Do If A Girl Rejects And Humiliates You

I got rejected by a girl!
What do you do if a girl rejects you?
I feel so humiliated!

Imagine you’re approaching a woman, you begin talking to her, you’re thinking “Does she like me? Doesn’t she like me? …and then bang! You realize that you’ve approached the one woman in the bar or nightclub that hits guys with negativity for approaching her …and gives them a hard time instead of politely refusing.

Most guys would just take this, but the reality is that if you let a woman get away with bringing you down like this, it will sap your confidence …not only then, but in future when you approach girls. When a girl immediately knocks you back without batting an eyelash, it’s bad for you for a number of different reasons:

  1. Damages Your Chances Of Getting With Her: It immediately damages the chances of striking up a conversation with this woman (and hence your chances of getting to know her).

  2. Damages Your Chances With Other Girls: If other girls in the bar or nightclub see you being knocked back, it ruins your chances of trying to chat them up later on in the night.

  3. Confidence Killer: It damages your confidence. Not only there and then, but later on for next week or next month when you might want to try and chat up someone you see that you’d like to get to know better.

All three are serious problems that can occur as a result of a woman throwing back your advances. And on a subconscious level, these are the exact reasons that cause some men to develop an innate fear of rejection …debilitating them from ever picking up women.

So it’s vitally important that you have a plan of action prepared for such a situation to prevent the above outcomes.

So what’s the plan of action?

If the girl is being narky and negative from the get-go, you need to redirect that negativity back at her in order to neutralize it. The way to do this is by having a good approach-saving line (or two) prepared that turns the tables on her. A good line to try is:

“Hey, I’m just trying to have some fun. I didn’t know you were against having fun.”

This line puts the ball back in her court and forces her to rethink her initial put-down attempt and actually respond more positively to your advances.

The line positions you as simply the fun guy that was being cool …and she’s the kill-joy with an attitude problem. And in order to prove that shes not a kill-joy with an attitude problem, she’ll find herself wanting to actually respond more positively to you in order to prove you wrong.

It Creates A Win-Win-Win Situation

By redirecting her aggression in this manner, you’ll have put yourself in a better position to salvage the encounter and turn the situation around. But even if this encounter is still a lost cause (in terms of getting with this woman), by positioning her as the person who has the problem, you’ll have prevented outcomes number 2 and 3 (as mentioned above), in the following ways:

  • Maintained (And Possibly Improved) Chances Of Other Girls: If you had allowed yourself to get flustered with her initial knock-back, other girls in the nightclub might have seen this making you look like a chump. However, by redirecting her negativity back on her, you’ll have maintained the conversation longer (thus preventing it from looking like you were rejected out of hand) and when you do walk away from the girl, you get to walk away with a smile on your face while it’s the girl who looks annoyed and flustered. At least from the point of view of other girls in the bar or nightclub, you’ll look like you got the upper hand on the woman …rather than the other way around.
  • Maintained (And Possibly Improved) Your Confidence: Confidence is like energy. It can neither be created nor destroyed, but only turned from one form to another. Many girls who knock back guys like this do it in order to make themselves feel more confident …at the expense of the guys confidence. In other words, she creates more confidence in herself by sapping it from the guys confidence. By getting the upper hand on the woman, you not only maintain your confidence, but you sap some of hers and add it to yours. What better way to get revenge on someone who tried to knock you back without even getting to know you?

Preventing A Fear Of Rejection

In short, this method takes a negative, and turns it into a positive for you. It ensures that you never develop a fear of rejection or a fear of approaching women which some men develop as a direct result of having been rejected by girls like this in the past.

Even if it means you don’t get with the girl you initially set out to try and strike up a conversation with, you have to ask the question; “Do you really want to get to know someone who is narky and negative from the get go?”. Having someone approach you should be taken as a compliment, and if someone throws a compliment back in your face like that, I’d really question if they’re someone that’s worth getting to know.

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