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What To Do If A Woman Asks If You’re A Player

This is actually a good question to get asked when picking up girls. Because if the woman asks it, she has more than likely found herself beginning to like you …but questions if you’re just a player and if she should stay clear of you.

Secretly, more often than not, if the woman asks this question - she actually wants you to give the right answer …so she can put her fears to one side, and continue allowing herself to like you. She wants to justify the good feelings and continue experiencing them.

So considering this, you need to know the right and wrong way of going about answering this type of question …so as to make sure you don’t scupper what might be an already good position you’ve got yourself into.

So how should I answer it?

In short, you must never give a definite answer. The reason that you shouldn’t give a definite “yes” or “no” answer is that you can never really be sure which one is the correct answer for a particular girl – especially if you’ve just met her in a bar or nightclub.

  • If You Were To Give A “Yes” Answer: Some women like it if you identify yourself as someone who plays the field since it shows that you’re experienced and probably know how to treat a lady. However, others will think that if you’re a player that you won’t value them that much and they’re just another object of conquest as far as you’re concerned.

  • If You Were To Give A “No” Answer: If you state you’re not a player, some women just won’t believe you (considering they had enough suspicion in the first place to ask such a question). So now in addition to already believing you to be a player, they’ll now think you are a liar as well.

Considering this (and the fact that a lot of women will be in the middle ground and unsure of what they want to hear), your best bet is to deflect the question and not answer it. There are just too many variables involved to try and be smart and give the answer you think is the right one.

How do I deflect the question?

There are a number of tricks that you can use to redirect the question or otherwise smoothly evade it when it comes up in a conversation. These include saying:

  • I just like being with you. Does that make me a player?: Here you’re making her question the validity of her question. Just because a guy talks to her doesn’t mean he’s automatically a player.

  • I just found myself drawn to you, that’s why I approached you: Here you’re suggesting that fate was telling you to approach her …rather than what’s in your pants. Most women like the idea of finding a guy based on “fate” and “destiny” so playing this card takes advantage of this.

  • I liked (a unique element of her appearance), that’s why I approached you: This might include saying something like “I liked the way you smelt next to me at the bar, I love Burberry. That’s why I approached you”. Here you’re showing her that you spotted something unique about her …rather than you just viewing her as another generic notch on the bed-post. It shows you’ve spotted something in her specifically above other girls in the bar or nightclub.

You can also do it in any other way that you can think of. The important thing is that you don’t answer the question. This allows her to imagine an answer for herself. And seeing how most women who ask this question have already found themselves in some small way beginning tp like the guy, she’s likely to want to imagine a positive (rather than a negative) version of you so that she can justify herself continuing to like you and feeling the positive emotions she’s already feeling with you.

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