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5 Facts About Venustraphobia/Caligynephobia (Fear Of Beautiful Women)

Venustraphobia (or Caligynephobia as it is sometimes called) is the fear of beautiful women. Now while beautiful women can be intimidating simply by their looks alone (and I think both men and women would agree to this) venustraphobia is one step further.

Venustraphobia is where a guy feels an intense fear around a beautiful women to the point where he will not want to actively engage with her. He will experience symptoms such as:

  • Anxiety/panic
  • Shortness of breath
  • Sweating even if it cool
  • Dry mouth
  • Shaking

In some case, venustraphobia is related to gynophobia (fear of women in general). In this article I am going to cover 5 facts about venustraphobia so that you will be better able to understand the mind of a guy who suffers from it.

5 Reasons Some Guys Fear Beautiful Women

The following will help you understand a guy like this better:

  1. Imbalance Of Total Stock: In my article How To Make Someone Fall In Love If You Are Not Good Enough For Them I showed how our subconscious will feel uncomfortable falling in love with someone has too high a “total stock” than us. For example, if a woman earns $30,000 a year but the guy she likes is a millionaire, than she will have a difficult time making the millionaire fall in love with her because the millionaire has a far higher “total stock” than her. But if she is very good looking, it will raise her “total stock” and this will help offset the imbalance between the two people. Some guys will be afraid of a very beautiful woman because his subconscious will recognize that she has a far higher total stock than he does. But if he was wealthy, very funny, or was very popular …this would help raise his total stock to bring it up closer to hers.
  2. Worship Of Beauty: The media and Hollywood places beautiful people centre stage in their movies, songs, ads and magazine covers to attract us to buy those products. The problem with this is that it slowly programs an association into our minds of glamorous things (such as red carpet events etc) with beauty. This indirectly causes us to deitise and worship beauty. Consequently, what do you think will happen when you meet a very beautiful woman? Your subconscious will feel an almost type of worship towards this person and be in awe of them. For some people, this intense awe can cause them to become uncomfortable around such beautiful women to the point where they fear them.
  3. Fear of Rejection: In many case, venustraphobia stems from a fear of rejection. Not only is a guy who suffers from this afraid the beautiful woman will reject his advances, but he doesn’t even want to begin dating the woman as he is afraid she will reject him at some later stage due to her superior looks over his. As a result, guys who suffer from this condition will actively avoid being with or talking to beautiful women. Even if they get a chance to date a very beautiful woman, they will turn the offer down.
  4. Poor Self Image: If you suffer from a poor self image (ie thinking you are ugly) you will naturally feel uncomfortable around other people as you will tend to deem most other people around you as better looking than you. This inaccurate view is much like how a girl who suffers from anorexia thinks she is fat no matter how thin she gets. When a guy who suffers from a poor self image is around a very beautiful woman, his uncomfortableness will become heightened. A very beautiful woman will only serve to remind him of his own problems with how he views his looks and so he will not want to be around her.
  5. Lack Of Confidence: A guy who lacks confidence will tend to be most comfortable around plain looking women. His level of comfortablness will decrease the more good looking the woman gets. If the woman is very good looking, he will be at his most uncomfortable. This uncomfortablness can sometimes manifest itself in the form of fear. This is when it becomes venustraphobia or caligynephobia. Lack of confidence can be as a result of some of the items just gone through such as poor self image or feeling inadequate if he believes he has a lower total stock than most people.

How To Make A Guy Fall In Love Who Suffers From Venustraphobia

Venustraphobia is all about fear – the fear of beautiful women. Therefore to make this kind of guy fall in love with you, you need to remove his fear otherwise his subconscious will block him from falling in love with you.

In my article How To Make Someone Fall In Love Who Is Scared To Fall In Love I show how that to make someone fall in love you must not only provide positive motivation to them to want to be with you, but also remove negative motivation that is blocking them from wanting to be with you. If you are a beautiful woman, this could be blocking him from wanting to be with you. Now while you can’t really make yourself less beautiful, what you can do is analyse this guys subconscious to see what issue (such as one of the five above) has caused him to fear beautiful women.

If it is a poor self image, then you should work on ways to build his confidence in this area. This way he wouldn’t be as intimidated by your good looks. If the guy has a low total stock in comparison to you, then try to raise it by picking out some quality in him that you really admire. This way he will begin to feel less and less inferior to you.