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Do guys prefer long or short hair on a girl?

Want to know what guys find attractive on a woman when it comes to hair style?
Should it be short, medium or long?

Rapunzel might have looked pretty cute in Disney’s adaptation of the beloved fairy tale, but does this necessarily mean that longer hairstyles on girls are good for attracting men?

The long-standing belief is that men in general automatically think of women with long hair as being more attractive than those with shorter hairstyles …which can be perceived to be on the masculine side and therefore, unattractive.

Well, it turns out that there is actually much truth to this age-old belief and it has now been confirmed by science. In short, yes, guys do prefer long hair on girls.

How has science showed this?

The most noted experiment on this topic was conducted by psychology professor Tamas Bereckzkei of the University of Pecs in Hungary. His experiments involved putting several different hairstyles on the same female faces.

Here's what the experiment showed what guys find attractive...

The study consistently showed that the longer hairstyles tended to increase the attractiveness rating that the male respondents gave the same female faces while shorter hairstyles did the opposite. Not only that, but the study also showed that men perceived women with shorter hairstyles to be generally less healthy than if they had sported longer hair.

Another study covered in The Daily Mail Reporter by a group of researches using a sample size of 3000 men showed the biggest majority of the respondents (43% ) preferred long hair on women. The rest of the respondents had varying personal preferences from classic bob to pixie-cropped hairstyles as well as mid-length wavy and straight hair. The main reason given for the guys preference for longer hair essentially was that they considered long hair to be more feminine and sexy.

Will growing my hair longer increase my attractiveness?

Another study done by a research journal called Human Nature echoes the results of the other two studies and shows that not only do men prefer women with long hair, but that simply sporting a longer hairstyle also increases the attractiveness rating of women who previously wore a shorter hairstyle. So growing your hair longer can in theory increase your attractiveness (if your hair is currently short).

But at the same time, hair is unique to every woman …not only to their own specific taste, but also to the shape of their face. So if you are someone that would consider changing the length of your hair in order to increase your attractiveness on the dating scene, make sure that you yourself would be happy with such a change …and also consider visiting a beauty salon and getting informed advice on what length hair would specifically suit your face.

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