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Does he like me? ...or are we just friends?

How to make someone fall in love with you

What are some signs a friend likes you romantically?
The psychological signs someone likes you?
And is interested in you?

Does he like me? – It’s a question I hear often from female readers. There are key differences between a guy that likes you romantically and one that likes you only as a friend.

Naturally, if you like the guy, it’s important to recognize the key differences. Otherwise you might make a fool of yourself in showing interest back to a guy who had only thought of you as being a good friend. So you need to know the signs he is interested in you romantically.

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To establish if whether he likes you or not, you will need to examine a number of key areas and see how they apply to your situation (See also these Does He Like Me Signs for further information)

So does he like me or not?

Answering yes to any 4 of the following "Does he like me signs" is a strong indicator that he not only likes you, but may be starting to fall for you. All of these are subconscious signs a man likes you.

  1. Coming up to you: If a guy likes you, he will subconsciously look for excuses to keep coming up to you and having a conversation. This is because when a guy likes or loves a girl, his subconscious wants him to be with her and so looks for ways to interact with her constantly. He may even find himself talking about you constantly to friends as even talking about you will make him happy if he likes you.

  2. Attempting to make a connection: If a guy is interested in you romantically, he will attempt to make a connection with you. If you like something, you might find him agreeing with you so as to gain common ground with you. Likewise if you dislike something, he will tell you he dislikes it too. This attempt of identifying with you is in essence his subconscious trying to communicate to your subconscious that he’s a good match for you.

  3. Nervousness: If the guy seems nervous around you it may be because he has such strong feelings for you that it makes him feel uneasy in your presence. His subconscious knows how important it is to make a good impression on you so that you'll like him back. This is a lot of pressure and often displays itself in the speech and mannerisms of the guy when he's with you.

  4. Body language: I go into body language in detail here on this website. Suffice to say that body language is always a key way to tell if a guy likes you because it betrays what he's thinking on the inside. An example of positive body language would be if he touches his eyebrow with his finger and then runs it along the eyebrow. He does this on a subconscious level without being aware of it. If he does this in your presence, it means he has positively evaluated you and likes you.

  5. Reaction? After you've just been talking to the guy and then separate from each other - watch his reaction. When we've just been with someone we really like it can leave us in a state of excitement and happiness. Watch them after you separate. If he looks very happy and jovial, its a sign that your interaction left a positive effect on him and he likes you.

  6. Is he asking others about you? If he asks your friends or other people about you - he’s definitely interested. Its only natural to want to find out more about something we like. He may act like he’s just asking questions but it still shows interest in you. And he may even tell friends that he wants to get to know you with the intention that you’ll hear about it.

  7. Does he give you a meaningful look? When someone likes (or loves) someone else, this will be playing on their mind while in conversation with you. They may be talking about one thing, but their heart is saying something completely differently. This can manifest in a "look" that doesn't queet fit in with the topic of conversation you are talking about.

  8. Does he seem to show up in places you go to? He likes you if you unexpectedly find him everywhere. It only indicates he’s been asking about your schedule from people. Or he’s really been paying attention and noted your whereabouts at certain times. If you catch him staring at you, his face may even turn red.

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