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How To Avoid Bad Relationships

If you find yourself asking questions like:

  • Are they using me?

  • Why do they hurt me so much?

  • Why do they criticize me?

  • Why has my self confidence dwindled so much by being in this relationship?

then you must consider the fact that your relationship might fall into the category of bad relationships. If you ask yourself questions like this, then you should pay close attention to your partners behavior so as to get an idea of their psychological make up.

This way you can better understand why they are the way they are and more importantly, whether or not something can be done to remedy the situation.

What are some examples of bad relationships?

Lets take a situation that you're going out with someone that you knew to be a "show-off type" person and you yourself were a good-looking individual. This combination may cause your partner to want to be with you simply because they would be able to show-off to their friends that they got someone so nice looking.

They may like you but it doesn't mean they necessarily love you. However they still want to be with you because you fulfill the need they have to show-off. So how could this be classed as a bad relationship? Well, the relationship exists purely on a superficial level. And because of this poor foundation, if someone better looking than you came along, they would naturally find them more appealing because they would be able to show someone even better looking off to their friends.

Now obviously not all bad relationships are as clear-cut as this. However the above example illustrates how people can get into relationships not because they like or love the other individual but because of personal issues and unmet needs related to they themselves. Bad relationships start out like this. This is why its important to be able to know persons psychological make up well to ensure you don't end up in bad relationships.

But i think i’m already in a bad relationship!?

A relationship based on satisfying an unmet need is a relationship with an uncertain future. If your partner criticizes you or bullies you, if may stem from a past of not being in control and so they now need someone to control so as to compensate for their past. Such bad relationships will over time only get worse because:

  1. They are not based on loving their partner

  2. But based on trying to fix or cover over problems in their own life.

You yourself may feel you love your partner but that doesn't mean they love you. They love what you can provide them with. If you want a long term relationship you need to ask yourself it can be with them of if you should consider leaving.

In my book "THE ERASE CODE: How To Get Over Anyone In Less Than A Week Using Psychology" I go though how you can forget about someone you love simply by analyzing the reasons why people fall in love and dispelling them one by one.

It applies for both good and bad relationships. You'll never feel so much pain again after a break up. You may feel that leaving a bad relationship will only cause you more pain, but its much less pain than you will suffer in the long run by staying with this person.

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