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How To Know If He Is The One

The best dating tips for women are not only tips that show you how to get a man ...but also how to know if he is "The One" and would make a strong suitable boyfriend and husband.

In other words, you need to know how to asses the long term viability of a relationship before entering it. You might say to yourself:

  • He seems like my dream boyfriend

  • He seems to know what’s on my mind and makes me feel happy

  • He’s cool and fun to be around

And while these are good attributes to have in a boyfriend, they don't say anything about the long-term viability of your relationship.

When looking for dating tips, its important to not only look at the above positive characteristics in a man but also to look at whether he would be a good long term boyfriend or husband.

Can you see into the future?

That guy or boyfriend may seem right for you at the present, but how can you know if he is "The One" and if he'll be right for you down the line? You don't have the luxury of a crystal ball but if you use good basic psychology you can come to a determination of his suitability.

Guys can change their priorities over time but there’s no harm in examining his mental makeup and see what’s there:

  • Life Goals: Firstly has he got any and secondly do you fit into them? A guy who doesn’t have life goals may not have the strongest of mentalities to maintain a marriage. It’s not always the case but something to watch. If he’s in the army, then you might not see much of him or be required to move around a lot depending on his posts. If he’s a trainee doctor, you also may not see much of him with his study and long hours. In contrast, if he runs his own home business, you might end up seeing a bit too much of him. You want to look for a good balance of life goals in a man.

  • Family Man: Do you think he'd be a good one? Examine how he interacts with his family. Does he treat the females in the family with respect? If he doesn't but he treats you with respect, it could be a sign that he’s only treating you well now, because he still hasn't got you in his pocket. Once he has, he may not treat you as well.

  • Children: If you want children and he doesn't then it will be an area of conflict down the line. If you bring up the question of children, does he give you a straight answer? or is he hazy about it? If he circumnavigates the question it could be a sign that he doesn't want children but doesn't want you to know that. It might also be that he does want them but not for a while. In any case, it’s important to know his position on the situation early.

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