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How To Know If You Like Someone

Do I like him?
I mean I REALLY like him?

This is the confusion that many people face when they don’t know if the person they like ...would make a good partner or would be better off as just a friend.

Being able to tell now can save yourself (and him) alot of heartache down the line. So this is what I want to cover in this article.

So do you think i really like him?

Here are indications that you are truly starting to like him and consider him as a potential partner:

  1. You start to worry more about your appearance: When you suddenly want to always look good, it means you want to be noticed by that person you’ve been eyeing. Having a crush on somebody makes you want to have your feelings reciprocated by the person, so you begin putting your best foot forward.

  2. You find yourself being clumsy or awkward around them: Becoming conscious of your actions and constantly thinking about how that person would think of you makes you start predicting yourself at every turn. In being exaggeratedly careful not to give a wrong impression on someone you like, you consequently act weird instead.

  3. You start asking his friends about him/her: Asking people close to that person about any information about him is a sign of interest. When you develop a crush on someone, you start being inquisitive because you want to know everything about that person.

  4. You find yourself smiling even when the person is not around: Have you noticed yourself smiling just at the thought of a person’s face or what he did or said? A strong crush constantly fills your mind and distracts you from anything else.

  5. You’re having “tunnel vision”: It means you are having difficulty in focusing on anything other than this one person. You may be having a conversation with someone else but your eyes are wandering in that person’s direction.

  6. You find more positives and rarely negatives about that person: You will always have a biased opinion when it comes to someone you like. Anything the person does will look cute or exciting to you. Even if he is doing stupid or nasty things, you still see that person through rose-colored glasses.

  7. You go out of your way to see or hang out with that person: If you find yourself doing things you don’t typically do, or go to places you don’t often go to, just to see a certain person, it’s safe to say you have a serious crush. It’s natural to always want to see somebody when you like him. You feel happy whenever you see the person.

  8. You can’t stop teasing the person: Do you know that teasing is a playful way to flirt? When you often tease somebody, it’s a sign that you want to get the attention of that person. It’s a strategy even little children do like poking someone with a pencil to get his or her attention in kindergarten.

  9. You don’t seem to mind doing things you hate as long as the person is there: You become excited in doing things you usually dislike, if doing it means you get to be with the person. This is how powerful the effect of having a crush can be.

  10. Your talk too much about the person: When you friends start complaining of you talking about that person, it means you have been talking a lot about that person and you obviously got your eyes set on him.

So do you like him? If you find yourself answering "no" to alot of these questions's a strong indicator that you probably don't like or love him. And if that's the case - be honest with him about it.

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