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The Male Psychology In Relationships (And What They Really Want)

Want to know how to understand the male psychology in relationships?
And what they really want?

Over the years, we’ve all heard stories of women and their experiences in seeking ways to understand men. Only to discover that they usually can’t figure them out or see what men really want.

The reality is that while men differ from each other, most of them actually think the same way. And it would be much easier to get along better with men if you can understand them and know how they think. 

Ok, so how exactly do men think?

This guide on how to understand men will aid you when trying to find the best ways of reaching into a man’s psyche:

  • They think straight: Keep in mind that most men take things precisely as it is and think straight. If he does something wrong, and you punish this by treating him badly, it might not succeed in making him realize that what he did was wrong. He might just interpret you as someone that behaves badly. So if you want to communicate a point across to him, consider the direct approach.
  • They don’t really know when you want the truth or not: Men get confused with mixed messages. Saying one thing and meaning another is not a good way to reach a guy. For instance, asking him of his opinion if you look fat and he says “yes” gets you upset. And if he says “no” you indict him of being a liar. So be careful of what you ask him, and what it is you're trying to get out of him.
  • They interpret problems/emotions as weaknesses: Men generally want to keep their problems to themselves and reflect on them for a long time. They are less likely to express problems and find support than women. They see showing emotions and problems as a sign of weakness if he doesn't want to talk about it, don't push him too far on it.
  • They know when to filter: Men pay attention to topics that interest them. If it doesn't interest them, they filter them out. So if a guy isn't paying attention to what you're saying, don't interpret this as him "not being into you" ...but rather interpret it as him "not being into that topic of conversation". This in itself is making no statement on you.
  • They hate it when you monopolize their space: Men like to keep their own personal space. So if you march into his space and you find a smile on his face, what he really wants is for you to back off. If you don't, he might interpret you as an "invader" on the other side, rather than a comrade on his side as it were.
  • Sex is a solution: The reality is that for many men, sex is the connection. Men are result oriented when it comes to sex and will do almost anything for it. In this sense, sex is how men develop emotional closeness ...rather than through talking about their feelings etc.

The way to create better relationships is through knowing how to understand men even better than they understand themselves. With this new understanding you can get your guy to commit to you, respond to you and meet your expectation in your relationship.

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