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5 Dangerous Myths About Single Men Over 35

Let’s take a hypothetical scenario: You are browsing the internet and checking out the online profile of someone who just seems like the perfect guy for you. UNFORTUNATELY… you scroll down to his personal details and see his birthday.

BAM! You realize that he’s actually well past the calendar, at 35 years of age. Poof! Out goes the excitement that you had built up like a balloon. All sorts of negative biases about this person now cloud your head:

  • Violent behavior

  • Anger issues

  • Or some other personality defect associated with being unmarried at 35

Of course, if you do allow these biases to cloud your better judgment, then you might just be missing out on dating someone who is actually a good match for you – therefore, why not debunk some of these myths about single men who are over 35?

Myth #1: He’s a jerk

This might be true, but it could also be true for almost any man – not just someone who is single and over 35. There are other, more obvious indicators that this guy might be a jerk such as the username he chooses or the way he interacts with others on his social networking accounts – either that or he’s just socially inept. Being single at 35 in and of itself, is poor grounds to label someone as being a jerk.

Myth #2: He’s a player

Being unmarried at 35 isn’t an automatic “badge of honor” (or dishonor) that a man is a womanizer. The truth is that this is just a myth. But unfortunetely, even just one example who actually fits this stereotype helps to compound the myth even further. DON’T buy into. If you still think he is a player, check out my article "How To Make A Player Fall For You".

Myth #3: He’s afraid of commitments

Actually, you might be surprised to realize that it’s probably the reverse of this myth that is actually true of the man that you are checking out. When a guy hits 35, making a commitment is often at the forefront of the guys mind.

In addition, being single at 35 is not necessarily a choice, rather than an unprecedented situation that some men find themselves in. What if he was the one who was actually more than ready to commit but his ex decided that she just wasn’t ready yet?

Myth #4 He doesn’t want kids

Sure, he might not have wanted to have kids back then, but remember that people don’t stay the same forever. A few years down the line, he might have reordered his priorities quite a bit and there’s no telling how he really feels about having children now that he’s had quite a bit of time for himself to secure his own financial future. Again, DON’T fall for this myth.

Myth #5 He wouldn’t make a good husband

There is nothing about simply being single at 35 and beyond that would indicate that this person would not make a good husband. If you are really interested in him, then just date him and find out if you think he’s husband material or not (Check out my article: How To Analyze A Mans Suitability As A Potential Husband).

Just remember to make sure that you extract the right type of information from him when you go out on a date regarding his interests and long-term plans for the future to find out if you would really be compatible with each other or not.