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Is it true some perfumes can make you look thinner and more attractive to men?

Want to know the best perfume to attract a man?
By increasingyour perceived attractiveness?

Then read on...

It might seem illogical, but recent research conducted by the Smell and Taste Research Foundation has shown that wearing some types of perfume can actually cause men to think that women weigh less than they really do.

The brand of the perfume bears no particular significance, but if you want men to perceive you as thinner than what the measuring tape and bathroom scale say, then you should wear a spicy floral perfume fragrance. This has been shown to make women seem up to 12 lbs. lighter than their actual weight.

How does this work?

Neurologist Alan Hirsch explains that the slimming effect is similar to how the use of vertical or horizontal lines can cause a person to appear slimmer (or wider) than they actually are. Spicy floral perfume appears to be the olfactory (the part of the brain that processes smells) equivalent of these slimming vertical lines.

If you are interested in trying out a spicy floral fragrance, you’ll be pleased to know that most top perfume manufacturers already carry spicy floral fragrances including:

  • Chanel

  • Christian Dior

  • Ralph Lauren

  • Banana Republic

  • David Yurman


If you want to know how to attract a man using this trick, then you need to be aware of this...

Before you splash out on any of these fragrances, you should keep in mind that even if they have been scientifically-proven to be effective …the reality is that using a spicy floral perfume will not magically make you look thinner.

What these fragrances do is simply alter men’s weight estimation of a woman ...and does not in any way have any actual perceptual slimming effect on the wearer’s body as such. So this trick should only be used in conjunction with an actual weight loss regeime ...if you actually want to physically lose weight.

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