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Is it true there is a physical difference between men and womens brains?

Ever wondered what's the difference between men and womens brains?
And why they think and act so differently?

Well, recent findings might help to shed some light on the mystery. It turns out that the differences in the way that men and women think is more than simple cultural conditioning.

From an anatomical perspective, men and women’s brains are actually structurally different and also physically wired differently. This is believed to be as a result of a surge of testosterone released in male fetuses while they are still in the womb when compared to female fetuses.

Men generally have bigger brains than women. This is not a chauvinistic speculation, but rather a simple anatomical fact. In general men have larger bodies than women and this includes all parts – including the brain. Of course, more mass does not always translate to higher intelligence. As far as broad measures of cognitive ability (such as IQ tests) are concerned, men and women are generally found to perform the same despite the difference in the actual size of the brain itself.

Different Parts Of The Brain Are Bigger In The Different Sexes

Studies have shown that women have about 10% more neurons in the part of the brain dedicated to speech and listening. This might explain why women tend to talk more than men and are better communicators and listeners. Not only that, but a woman's hippo-campus (the part of the brain responsible for emotion) is larger than a males one …also helping to explain why women tend to be more in tune with their emotions than men.

Conversely, men have more neurons in the neocortex (the part of the brain responsible for logic) helping to explain why men have traditionally been the map readers of the family. Also, the male brain devotes 250% more space to sex …helping to explain another thing men seem to have on their mind a lot.

One of the biggest difference between men and women when it comes to falling in love. Men and women tend to fall in love differently. For men, the visual parts of the brain are more responsible and increase in activity …while in women, the parts of the brain responsible for emotion and feelings become more active.

Grey Vs White Matter

One particularly significant finding was made by Richard Haier and his associates from the University of California who found that men have almost 6.5 times the amount of grey matter that women have. Women on the other hand were found to have about 10 times the amount of white matter that men have.

This study suggests that men and women’s brains might work different in terms of speed. Think of it as the same difference between a computer with a large amount of RAM (grey matter) when compared to a computer with a smaller amount of RAM (grey matter) running under a processor (white matter) optimized for speed.

In a speed test, women’s brains will work a bit faster than that of men because they have a smaller amount of RAM in terms of neurons to work with …and a more highly optimized central processing unit in terms of white matter. Combined with the fact that women's neurons are more tightly packed (facilitating speedy connections), it might justify some women's opinions that they are always one step ahead of their man.


In light of the above differences between men and women, consider the following...

The next time you feel like giving out to him because he doesn’t understand you or the way you are feeling, take a second to consider that this might be because of the way his brain is wired as opposed to him not trying to understand you or your emotions.

Likewise for men, I know it’s annoying when she can’t give you more accurate road directions from a map, but women just aren’t built for map-reading like you are. When you understand your own limitations, you’re more likely to understand (and accept) the limitations of others. While you might excel at one thing, you lack in something else when compared to the opposite sex. So try and be more understanding

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