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4 Warning Signs The Guy You're Dating Is A Waste Of Time

The number one thing that any woman who is dating a guy will be wondering is this relationship going somewhere. And you aren't already asking it with your guy, then you probably should begin thinking about doing so.

One of the main things to be aware of is the possibility that you might be dating someone who is not emotionally ready to get involved yet. Do this and you will be dragged into a relationship and used as a transitional woman who nurtures a man until he finds another woman to begin a relationship with. out of a recent break-up in marriage.

Dating is supposedly sorting through prospects to be able to find a good match. If you date a time waster, you defeat the purpose of dating.

Ok, so how can I know if he’s ready?

If you happen to really like someone and you want to take the chance to know if he will be a good match, try observing if he manifests these 4 key behaviors.

When more than half of these are apparently obvious, you may have to think of giving up your chances on pursuing dating with him.

  1. Frequently talks about his ex: Whether he talks about the good days or remembers the bad ones with his ex, it doesn’t matter. The fact that he comes up with words about her simply means he is still attached to her at some level and is not ready. His mind and his heart still spend energy reliving memories about her so it will be tough competing with someone who is not there physically but is still all over him mentally and emotionally.

  2. Doesn’t introduce you to his friends: There are many things you will learn about a man from his friends. If you haven’t met any, you are left out wondering how he is when he is with his peers. You will miss the chance of knowing how he deals with people close to his heart or what they love to do together. If he is confident about dating you, he should have been open to his friends about it.

  3. Leaves you clueless about his family: You may want to get to know his family as well (for families speak volumes about who a person really is). Being introduced to the family is also one way of showing your partner that your intentions are pure. If months pass by and you haven’t been invited to any family gathering, you will have to start worrying if he is really serious about making you a part of his life.

  4. Limited social life to the two of you: It does sound romantic when his eyes never leave you but keeping you away from people that have been with him for long is something to worry about. You may gently ask him for reasons why his social circle (when you are with him) only revolves around the two of you. Aside from this, it will become boring sooner or later when it’s just the two of you together all the time. It’s also going to be distressing if he also asks you to leave out YOUR family and friends for him.

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