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What do men find attractive other than good looks?

What do men find attractive?
Isn't it just looks men are interested in?

Absolutely not! There’s FAR more to what a man wants in a woman than what is commonly assumed of them. 

Yes, physical attraction matters especially at the beginning. However, the attraction won’t remain down the road when what they are really looking for in a partner is not present in the woman.

Indeed, a woman can easily attract men physically. But this doesn’t involve any feelings of love yet and is purely superficial. And you wouldn’t like this type of attraction. A love-based attraction is way better. This means having the traits that men find most attractive and make them fall in love.

8 Things That Men Find Attractive

Men court and establish a relationship with a woman because they find something in her that makes them want to be with her. So, what’s the best way to get a man to become attracted to you? Simple, become girlfriend material:

  1. Someone Who Has A Life Of Her Own: If you know how to take care of yourself, have your own personal style, and maintain good relationships with your family and friends, you can definitely attract men. Men like women who are adventurous and like to indulge in life’s pleasures even on their own. They don’t like a woman whose life only revolves around them and are very dependent.

  2. Someone Who Never Makes The First Move: Although there may be some who disagree, experts believe women should never be the one to pursue men. If you’re always the one who initiates and plans dates, you’ll never know if the guy is really interested in you or is just doing it for convenience or out of respect.

  3. Someone Who Is Sexy But Not Trampy: The level of intimacy should increase over time. A woman should avoid making any remarks that are explicitly sexual at the early stage of the relationship. Flirting should involve light touches only like placing a hand on a man’s forearm or even the knee, and should only be brief. As the relationship gets more serious, that’s the time you can be more intimate. Public displays of affection and sexual touching would be more appropriate at that stage.

  4. Someone Who Waits To Have Sex: Sex changes the dynamics of a relationship and many women don’t realize this. Engaging in sexual intercourse before marriage is already very common nowadays. However, doing it too soon might make too much of a relationship that exists only in the bedroom. Having sex should be done at least one month into the relationship or even longer.

  5. Someone Who Shows She Cares Even in Little Things: Doing little things for a man will show that you are paying attention to his needs. Girlfriend material involves being someone who wants to do things for the guy without even being asked to do them. If you do this, he’ll probably reciprocate your actions to show he cares as well.

  6. Someone Who Will Be The Best Wing Woman: A guy will surely like a woman who will help him look attractive, sociable, and a good guy in front of other people. You help him shine when necessary or laugh at his jokes. If you do this for him, he’s likely to return the favor.

  7. Someone Who Never Turns On the Pressure: In general, men hate being under any kind of pressure. You should refrain from too much calling or texting him within a day. And avoid pressuring him about your future like getting married. Men like to enjoy things first and will bring up the topic himself when he’s ready.

  8. Someone Who Does Not Take Any Crap: He’ll know you’re a good woman if you’re the type who doesn’t tolerate bad behavior. He’ll respect you more if you don’t let him get away with his wrongdoings. And he’ll less likely do it again. That’s why you should not date married men or those already committed to another woman.

Being a woman with such girlfriend material traits can help you become attractive in the eyes of men. However, you should not forget that every man has unique tastes in women. So observe the guys behavior and thought process’s and you can win him over.

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