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What do men want in a woman ...personality wise?

Want to know what men want in a woman personality wise?
ESPECIALLY the things they are unlikley to ever openly tell you?

Here's an important piece of information...

I have come across a BIG contrast in what males and females think their opposite sex would like from them compared to what their opposite sex ACTUALLY would like from them. And this can in part explain the demise of some relationships when one or both parties misinterpret what they think the other wants, leading to resentment and frustration and inevitably to relationship problems.

Over the years of helping people rebuild their relationships, I have seen time and time again the real facts about what men want opposed to what women BELIEVE men want. And in this article, i'm going to reveal 5 key areas to help you better understand the psyche of men.

The 5 Characteristics Men Look For In A Woman

  • Confident, secure women: A man would ideally like a woman to choose him because she wanted him ...and not because she needed him. Men like women who have their own life, interests and friends and are not dependent on him to give her a life. Women however can have a tendency to think that men like to be in control of their girlfriends. They think men like to call the shots and for the woman to just follow. In reality, men want an equal footing where both contribute equally to a relationship.

  • Straightforward, honest communication: This is a key area of what men want. Its not in the mindset of a man to want to play games and try and guess what’s on your mind. Men like women to communicate to them without being overly critical so they don't feel that their dignity is being compromised. A lot of women are of the opinion that men would like them to just be superficial about things ...and that men wouldn't want them bringing up their needs and/or what’s on their mind. They think that if they did this, that their man would view them as being too needy and/or sensitive.

  • No manipulation: This ties in with communication. Men want to feel their girlfriend is a genuine individual. But if he sees her trying to manipulate him in some way, it makes him question if she is as good as he thought. The problem is that men find it difficult to stay with someone who he feels is trying to fool him. Women however think men are not interested in communication and they feel they only way possible to communicate to him without doing it verbally is to manipulate him. In building a healthy relationship, you should not shy away from verbally asking for the things you want. This way it comes across as more genuine in the mans eyes and he's more likely to respond positively. This is what men want.

  • Fidelity: Fidelity in his woman is a must for men. If a woman cheats he will most likely either leave her ...or stay with her but with reduced emotions for her. Men don't like a girlfriend who has a "roaming eye" or flirts too much. Women tend to have the opinion that men can't be trusted and would cheat if the opportunity came up. In reality, infidelity is as distasteful an idea to most men as it is to women. If you know you've got a good guy, you'll know that he thinks like this. If you're with someone that’s cheated before however, you know that he doesn't hold fidelity in the same regard as you do.

  • A relationship with a future: Men think about the future even if they don't talk about it much. The subject of children and marriage (and if he sees these things with you) will always be on his mind. Women however, think that men are only looking for a bit of fun in relationships. Women often think that men are not interested in developing a relationship and feel they have to constantly bring up the topic of the future to their man to make him think about it. The reality is he's probably always thinking about it ...but won't always show this.

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