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Why are men attracted to breasts?

Why are men attracted to breasts?
What is it about breasts that turn men on?

Some argue that it’s a biological instinct that goes back to when men were babies and were being breastfed. But the problem with this answer is that women were also once breastfed, so why aren’t they attracted to breasts?

Evolutionary biologists theorized that it’s part of natural selection. A male would look for a female with big breasts to increase the survival rate of his children. However, based on anatomy and physiology studies, this theory doesn't make sense as breast size is never an indicator of milk production.

Some simply explain it as a male fascination of what they don’t have. Since men don’t have big breasts, they are attracted to women who have them. It seems that the features of the opposite sex that we find attractive are those noticeably different from our own. If females look for size, shoulder width, or muscles in men, males are attracted to slender women with big breasts, nice hips and round butt.

Cultures Influence On Why Men Are Attracted To Breasts

There could be several reasons or theories as to why men are attracted to breasts. But one thing’s certain – culture definitely has an influence. This is becoming evident in American culture nowadays. A lot of women in the U.S. spend millions of dollars each year for breast enhancement. The demand for various cosmetic procedures such as breast implants and breast augmentation, breast enlargement products like pills and creams continues to rise.

It should be noted that standards of what is attractive or beautiful is defined by society and culture. If having big breasts is attractive in the American culture (which typically defines a slender figure and having big breasts as beautiful) it may not necessarily hold true for other cultures.

Do you know that not all men like women with big breasts? In Brazil, it’s a woman’s butt that catches men’s attention. Their culture makes having vivacious and round buttocks far more attractive to men than big breasts. And the documentaries about African tribes show women always exposing their breasts, yet their men don't seem to care.

In the 16th century, women with big breasts were even considered low-class. An attractive woman then would typically be considered overweight today. And they had notably small breasts. Just think about the ancient Greek or Roman women sculptures and you’ll agree.

Medias Influence On Why Men Are Attracted To Breasts

According to some sociologists, the male fascination with big breasts can be linked to advertising and media’s role. At an early age, men are already exposed to seductive and sexy advertising that features busty female models. Magazines, billboards, and TV commercials often illustrate women with big breasts as sexy and beautiful.

As children they learn to associate these images with arousal. And this continues until they mature. What society dictates as beautiful or sexy is what is indoctrinated into men’s minds. They get attracted to big breasts if the society they belong to says it’s what’s beautiful in a woman.

Whether or not you agree with any of these explanations, it's important to realize that the male fascination with breasts is real. And that it can be tough for women not to have big breasts in the world of today.

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