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How To Become More Attractive Using Psychology

How can I be more attractive?
How can I make myself more attractive?
What can I do to be more attractive?

If you want to make someone fall in love with you (but are worried you are not physically attractive enough for the person), then you need to understand a key point about physical attraction psychology. This is because you can make yourself more attractive to the person without actually changing your looks.

You see, physical attraction is based on subjective opinion. And because a persons opinion can be manipulated into changing, this means you can change a persons view of your attractiveness.

Lets look into this more closely...

Most people don’t realize that when they look at someone to judge that persons attractiveness, they’re not making an objective analysis of that persons looks …but instead are performing a biased analysis.

This is why two people can look at the same person but come to two different conclusions as to their looks. On a scale of 1 to 10, your friend might rate someone as quiet good-looking and give them an 8 …while you might just think they are ordinary and rate them as a 5 (or visa versa).

What's actually happening is that you’re not basing your analysis on some “universal standard of beauty” …but instead are basing it on your own opinion of beauty which has been shaped and developed from since you were a child until now. This is a key point in the psychology of physical attraction.

How is someones opinion of beauty formed?

Here is what affects how you perceive the attractiveness of someone. Knowing these will alow you to know how to become more attractive using just psychology:

  • Personal Qualities: Studies have shown that our personal qualities and attributes directly affect how someone will judge our physical attractiveness level. People tend to give a higher physical attractiveness rating to those who possess qualities such as a good sense of humor, ambition and confidence. Likewise, qualities such as low-confidence, low talk-ability and lack of direction in life can negatively affect how someone perceives your attractiveness level. Even if you don’t consider your yourself physically good-looking, you can become more attractive and work around this by working on building positive qualities …and reducing any negative qualities or attributes you may have.

  • Subconscious Recognition Of Similarity: If you have similar facial features to a persons close friends, family or an ex they were in love with …that person is likely to find you much more attractive than they otherwise would do. The process the subconscious mind makes in interpreting features like this is known as impression formation. Even though you obviously can’t make yourself look like someone that’s close to this person and who has had a positive influence in their lives …what you can do is try and align yourself to one of these people and make yourself more similar to them some of the positive emotions the person feels about these people will in part be transferred to you. In my book “THE LOVEMAP CODE: How To Make Someone Fall In Love With You Using Psychology” …I show how to do this even if you don’t physically look like any of these people.

  • Speed Of Processing: Experiments have shown that the speed with which we can process the facial features of someone directly influences how good-looking we think that person is. This is why facial symmetry is considered so important to a persons looks. If someones face is 2% or 3% different from one side to the next, it takes longer to process in our mind …and hence their attractiveness level goes down in our opinion.

  • Familiarity Increases Attractiveness: Studies have shown that the more familiar we are with someone, the better-looking we consider them to be. This in part ties in with the speed of processing as we just went through. Taking the previous example, if we, for example worked with this person, then they would be in our environment everyday and we would get used to processing their face. This is why we can begin to find someone more attractive the longer we spend time with them. Our initial slow-down in processing their facial features gets leveled off. This means that people we come into contact with everyday are more likely to find us attractive. On the down side, it means that complete strangers are likely to find you less attractive than people you interact with every day.

But It Doesn’t End There…

These are only a small few of the principals of attraction psychology that affect how someone will perceive our attractiveness levels. In my book “THE LOVEMAP CODE: How To Make Someone Fall In Love With You Using Psychology” …I go through the full set of what men find attractive and what women find attractive, and how to manipulate their physical attraction psychology to make them find you more attractive than they currently find you.

The thing to remember about these is that they can all be manipulated. Your qualities and attributes are not set in stone …but instead are something that can be developed and improved on with the right knowledge. Likewise, similarity and familiarity can be worked on to increase someones perception of your physical attractiveness level.

Thinking that you’re “not good-looking enough” for the person you like is probably the biggest reason why people think they can’t make “The One” fall in love with them. In reality, physical good-looks play a far lower role in the process of making someone fall in love with you ...and can be easily overcome once you have the correct knowledge about the psychology of the subconscious mind.