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Is it true single people die younger?

Tired of being single?
And feel it is affecting your well-being?

Most people assume being single (and being unhappy about it) affects only your mental-being ...but new reseaerch indicates it could also be affecting your health ...PHYSICALLY!

In fact, being single (and lacking an interpersonal attraction with someone) can be worse than heart disease as far as your chances of long-term survival goes. Studies show that both men and women who remain single suffer from significantly higher mortality rates than individuals who are happily married. The statistics are:

  • Single women – 50% higher mortality rate than happily married women
  • Single men – 250% higher mortality rate than happily married men

While the risks involved with remaining single are far greater for men, they are also still very significant for women who statistically, have their life expectancies shortened more than even the dreaded cancer …or being impoverished.

How can this be?

Being in a happily married relationship yields a number of positive advantages (not all of which are easy to measure exactly). They include:

  • Having a lifelong sexual partner (Steady sexual activity also comes with several other health and emotional benefits by itself)
  • Higher joint income (More likely to be able to afford health insurance)
  • Reduced risk of loneliness and depression due to having steady companionship (Depression has been linked to the induction of certain types of illnesses)
  • People often reduce bad habits on entering a marriage such as excessive consumption of alcohol etc.

When combined together, these advantages help explain the effects found in the statistics.


The reason that the term “happily married” is used instead of just “married” is because if one is in an unhappy marriage, these benefits could easily sway in the opposite direction and become liabilities.

Some studies have shown a 30% increase in the likelihood of sickness in people who are in an unhappy marriage and a possible reduction in life expectancy by as much as up to 4 years.

So considering all this, if you are feeling tired of being single could be your bodys way of indicating that you need to find a relationship to ensure your continued well-being into the future.

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