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How To Unravel Someones Psychological Makeup - By Reading Their Eyes

Nothing reveals as much about us and our emotions than the body language of our eyes. Psychological studies have shown that by the age of four, we already have the ability to know another person’s intentions by just looking at their eyes and their movement. Children can tell if their mother is sad or angry by just looking at their eyes.

Reading people’s eyes can be very useful. You can use it to know a person’s real emotion or feelings, as well as know when they’re lying or not.

You can even use it to tell if a person is analytical or creative and of course use it to flirt. And if you want to convey something, you can use it to give more emphasis to what you are saying.

Are You Right Brained or Left Brained?

Research has shown that the majority of people look left or right and 75% of the eye movements are in one direction only – either left or right. This helps identify whether the person in front of you is governed by his/her left brain or right brain:

  1. Left Brain: If a person is governed by the left brain, he or she will look mostly to the right, and is said to be more analytical.

  2. Right Brain: On the other hand, a right brained person will look mostly to the left, and is said to be more creative.

Where a person’s gaze is directed can alone reveal a whole lot of what’s going on inside his or her head. Left or right involuntary eye movements (also known as CLEMs) can indicate that the person is engaged in visual or symbolic thinking.

Recognizing Lying Eyes

You can determine a person’s truthfulness by observing the direction of their gaze. Their eyes will reveal whether the person is:

  • Just constructing information

  • Or remembering the actual information

When you ask a person something and he or she looks up and to the left based on your viewpoint, this is the direction of visual construction. It means that the person is probably making up an answer rather than remembering it. A downward gaze can also mean that the person is ashamed and guilty of lying.

Most people think they’ve already mastered the art of reading body language eyes when they actually aren’t that good yet. Take note that shifty eyes don’t necessarily mean that the person is lying. And a person’s body language when lying is actually identical to that of a person who is defending one’s self against the accusation.

So refrain from immediately accusing a person of lying based on these cues alone though. They are not foolproof but can be indicators. Experts in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) suggest not relying solely on eye movement. The rule of thumb is to always use at least four body language cues before you judge a person’s thoughts.

Link to the Senses

A person’s gaze can also tell you whether they are thinking in a visual, auditory, or kinaesthetic mode. Here’s how:

  • The Visual Mode: This is when the eyes of a person are looking either upward or forward and unfocused. When a person is in a visual mode of thinking, he or she is supporting his or her thoughts with images.

  • The Auditory Mode: The person will be looking at the sides in the direction of their ears. This is when a person’s thoughts are described as sounds.

  • The Kinaesthetic Mode: A person’s eyes will mostly gaze downward. This means that the person is thinking about feelings. Since this can also be a sign of guilt when lying, you need additional cues to be able to tell whether it’s because of deep introspection and not guilt.

Eyes and Flirting

Women unconsciously use a momentary eye contact followed by a downward gaze when they are flirting. Take note that it can also categorize a person as being submissive. When flirting, it’s best to use other body language coupled with the body language of the eyes.

Eye movement can indicate a person’s level of relationship with another person. You can tell whether they have reached flirting level or not if they are already doing the eye flirting technique known as the “flirting triangle”. This is when the eyes move in a direction as if making a triangle in another person’s face and eventually to include the entire body.

It’s considered sensual to gaze at a person’s mouth. Blinking faster and pupils dilating is also a sign of interest. In addition, when we are attracted to someone, our eyebrows tend to slightly rise and fall unconsciously. The person is said to feel the same if he or she then unconsciously returns the gesture.

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