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Why don't guys just express their feelings like girls do?

The body language of men can be puzzling for women at times, in the same way that the former are also mystified by the nonverbal cues of the latter. So dispite our differences, i guess we are the same in that regard :-).

One thing you have to understand about guys is that it is part of the male psychology to be scared of emotions. That is why they are not as expressive as women are. The good news though is that because they’re humans, they are capable of showing you how they feel through nonverbal communication ...if you know what to look out for that is.

What do you mean they are "scared of emotions"?

The reality is that all of us, in one way or another, fear rejection. For guys, getting turned down can destroy their ego. This is the reason why they are apprehensive when it comes to telling women how they really feel. So they’d rather show it ...than say it.

The following signs are how guys go about showing their emotions without actually saying it:

  • Eye Contact: A guy who is attracted to you would look and gaze at you. If he often blinks, it means he wants to get to know you more. Also check if his pupils appear bigger. Dilation of the pupils is an evidence of attraction.

  • Posture: In order for a guy to show how confident he is to a woman, he often tries to keep a good posture. He would stand tall and keep his stomach tucked in to impress you.

  • Adam’s Apple: Guys always feel nervous when they’re with the women they like. They refuse to show it though because that would be embarrassing for them. If you wish to know if you’re making him feel nervous, check if his Adam’s apple is going up and down.

  • Improved Grooming: Looks are important to men who are in love. They want to continue impressing their women by improving their dressing style, getting a new hairstyle, or by smelling good all the time.

  • Hands On The Hips: This is common in men. When a guy is interested with someone, he faces her direction with his feet pointing at her and puts his hands on his hips.

  • Leaning Close: If he leans close to you during your conversation, it means he’s letting you in on his personal space. This isn’t always the case though, say if you are in a very loud or crowded area for example.

  • Physical contact: A guy who is into you will naturally like to get close to you and touch you on your hands, arms, shoulder or back.

Keep these in mind and hone your skills in reading the male body language. You might be surprised to find out that they’re not that hard to read after all.

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